Season End Rewards - Rares, A Gold, and Commons... Oh My!

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Season End Reward - Jan 31, 2020

So, it's the last season with Rewards Cards instead of Treasure Chests

We'll see what the new structure brings. In the meantime, I achieved Gold I League this past season and earned 30 Rewards cards for my !monster Battling efforts.


All the great Rewards Cards I got (plus the rest)


The !Monster Cards I'm Excited About

Pretty much the four Rares.... are what I'm excited about. But I'll start with the Gold Gelatinous Cube, which is also pretty cool. :)

Gold Gelatinous Cube

Now, I don't use this !monster in every match, but it's great for tanking a lot of damage. And Gold starts at Level 4. :)


Serpentine Mystic

Serpentine Mystic has the Affliction ability which can prevent an opponent !monster from healing (if the ability 'lands'). Take that, Flesh Golem! Also, I'm usually using my Delwyn Dragonscale as my Summoner when I'm using the Dragon splinter, which gives Serpentine Mystic +1 Magic attack. :)



I like Boogeyman a lot. For 6 mana, he's not cheap, but with 2 Magic attack plus the Slow ability, I think he's generally a good value. Plus he's got 6 health and then I can either use the 1 mana I normally use on Ooze for something else, or use it on the Ooze and double up on the Slow.



Octopider also isn't cheap mana-wise, but 3 Ranged attack is nice and he's got plenty of health to take a beating. Starting at Level 3 the Demoralize ability is great, reducing opponents' Melee attack.


Silvershield Assassin

I'm a really big fan of Silvershield Assassin. Big Big Big. Sneak and Double Strike is great; even better starting at Level 3 when Melee attack increases to 2. The 1 shield is also great, and 3 speed is pretty solid.


Yeah, and then there's all the Commons...

... which are great and all. Sadly no Epics or Legendaries on this round of Rewards. But plenty of new cards, so, yay. :) See you on the Battlefield!

If you haven't yet played Splinterlands for some reason, check it out here today!


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Great cards! Sorry about the no Legendary and no Epic !monster flips this time.

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