Those are some great golden cards. Congrats!

Thanks! I think it's the Alchemy potion doing its work.

Have you had good success with those? I have not bought any potions, dont understand their value

I did! I made out a lot of DECs from it. Although, this early on it's hard to say with certainty, yet. All I can say is that it worked me, in this instance.

I actually just published a post about it. I made it into a bit of a case study. Lol! You can read my results here:

Wow! Congratulations on your luck there. I see you had almost same luck as @simplymike

It was only my first season in the game. Finishing at Silver I, I got 18 cards. 3 Epic, 2 Rares and 13 commons as I described in this post

The outcome of my reward wasn't great. I was hoping to get at least a gold foil or a legendary.

As a matter of fact, none of these cards have been useful to me so far. I buy needful cards everyday and currently have some delegated to me :)

I hope to get better rewards come the end of the current season :)

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Thanks! It was my best rewards, so far. For some reason, I find better luck whenever I'm opening large amounts of cards. I only have 3 gold legendaries, so far, and I got all 3 when I opened rewards that were more than 100 cards, at a time. So, maybe there's something there.

It's nice to see more and more players getting started with Splinterlands. After all, the game is still in Beta, so there is still time to grow your collection and rise in the ranks.

If you're just getting started growing your deck, my best advice is to focus on one or two splinters first, and to prioritize leveling your summoners over your monsters. Also, if you can afford it, consider renting cards from the market. They're a great help when it comes to winning battles and ranking high during the season.

Thanks for stopping by!

Awww! Cool

I guess I'm on track per your advice because I prioritize my summoners and have them at a higher levels. Also, I've been focusing on 3 splinters and buying alpha cards. I even currently have more alpha cards than any other :)

Where I'm lost now is renting cards. Please how do I rent cards? I'm currently have a list of few I desire to have.

BTW, thanks a lot for your advice.

Last season was my first! I got a lot of "no melee monsters" and for a rookie deck with only the starter pack and zero magic, that's almost impossible. The daily reward in bronze league is a little frustrating, but I did get some good cards through the league reward. Can't wait to start getting some real dec for those potions.

The no melee monsters rule is the worst for me, too. It's my least favorite rule because even though I have decent magic monsters, my range monsters aren't that great. So, when someone plays Lord Arianthus, I always have a hard time winning. Plus, my favorite monsters are the melee monsters, so I always have a hard time winning with this rule.

On the flipside, any rule that eliminates Lord Arianthus is a favorite for me.

lol yea melee for the win, my go to is usually goblin mech

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Goblin mech is pretty cool. My only issue with him is his high manna requirement. It could be challenge fitting him in.

I made it to Gold 1 and received 30 reward cards, I had 25% Gold Potion active and my cards were a disappointment. I'm not sure what season we're in. But I think I saw someone use Season 18.

It's too bad with the potions. Hope you get a better set of rewards next season. And thanks for letting me know about Season 18. It's really getting frustrating not knowing. Lol!

Wow! Before now, I believed portions can't be wasted. Sorry about your luck buddy!

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It's interesting because he's using the 25% potions as opposed to the 100% potions. It makes you wonder whether the 50% and 25% potions are worth it, despite being cheaper or if it is better to use the more expensive 100% potions.

Gives me more reasons to keep stacking until I'm good to go for 100% 😂

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Yeah, they seem to be worth it.

Interestingly, some of the folks in the discord channel suggest only using potions when opening orbs because the promo cards from orbs are worth double in DEC values.

So, if you're stacking DECs to buy potions, you might consider stacking some more to buy orbs.

Noted! Thank you 🙏

PS: I'm still waiting for a reply to my previous comment about renting cards.

Maybe you can also provide me your discord handle, If you don't mind. I would like to always contact you in case I need some advices on certain decisions to take. I'm still a noob and don't know the nitty gritty of the game 🙂

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My experiences was mixed. The season rewards was OK but I got lucky and pulled GF in quest ☺
I have not tried the renting market yet may because I am new player and not goes into higher levels. This season I was able to make to Silver 1 which was a good achievement and I stopped there as my rank was 1600 only lol and I was afraid that if I lose one battle then surely I will be out form silver 1 and it was the last day of season. I am happy I was able to make that.
This season also I will try to improve (for Gold level ) but I know I have to upgrade my cards for same which is not that easy (it need investment ).

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That's so true. It's hard to advance in the leagues without a maxed deck.

Don't worry about dropping ranks if your concern is the Season Rewards. You will still get Silver 1 Rewards even if fall back to Silver 2. What matters is the highest league you reached during the season, not the league you are in at the end of the season.

The league that you end up in at the end of the season only matters in determining what league you will start in the next season.

Don't worry about dropping ranks if your concern is the Season Rewards. You will still get Silver 1 Rewards even if fall back to Silver 2. What matters is the highest league you reached during the season, not the league you are in at the end of the season.

Thanks for information I was not knowing that. ☺

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If you can get Lord Arianthus with at least 9 Health points and get a healer in place, you are up for a treat. When other players are likely to use Lord Arianthus I go for more Snipe/Sneak setup.

Water is best when you can snipe with Ruler of the Seas and Pirate Archer. As for card delegation, I've never tried it. I mostly play at Gold III.

Congratulations for the wins! I never seem to get any Epic/Legendary Gold Foil.

Yeah, Lord Arianthus is really powerful. Even at Level 3, with only 8 Health. We're pretty much the same when it comes to going agaginst him with sneak and snipe attacks.

Unfortunately, I don't have strong enough cards from the water splinter. I only have Level 3 Alric, so that's a bust. It's still a struggle for me. Lol! Thanks for the advice, though. I'm actually considering improving my water cards now.

I have a Lord Arianthus with 8 health and most of the time I summon it on Earth Splinter to get that +1 Health and it's a badass from then. You could do a lot with a Level 4 Alric at certain rule sets. You could also use some of the ater monsters well with Daria Dragonscale.

I play regularly but I don't have the best summoners so I tend to sit around the gold 2 has my best finish. I have started using Lord Arianthus more and his awesome. Will really have to look at leasing a few cards and see what its all about. At the moment Im just trying to earn as much DEC as I can to unlock some of the new cards

Lol! I feel differently about Lord Arianthus. He's my least favorite card. Unfortunately, he's also a really powerful defensive card. So, most of the time, I end up having to use him, especially when the other player uses him a lot.

Hi! Unfortunately my season wan't so successful as yours. I received Many Goblin mechs and even as a first reward card in this season I got him :-)
With leasing I tried to give in leasing for somebody several my cards. But nobody didn't want to take them. Maybe price is to high. I don't know, but I need to analyse it.
And unfortunately I still don't have this unicorn. I don't know why maybe lucky decided that it's too early for me who knows...
So that's it how looks my previous season.

With the leasing market, I think it's the maxed out cards or at least the high-level ones that really get rented a lot. The neutral cards are also popular. They are almost snapped out of the market once they become available unless they're expensive. I haven't tried leasing my cards, though. It's always other people's cards that I lease.

Thanks for sharing your season!

Hmm it's interesting. Of course my cards not so high level. But with beutral cards I need to try.

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WOW, Congratulations. :D
I am still new with the game so I cant comment much on my experiences.. however it would be good to say what Season Number, so when moving from one season to another, you can just sate the over all season number. :D

Lol! That's true. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh wow golden and legendary?! I didn't get lucky at all with the season rewards 😑.. All basic stuff..

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I think I had a lucky day, boosted by the potion, then it coincided with my opening the rewards cards. This made the potions worth it.

An excellent move

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I hope that app comes soon.

@cryptocopy, These are amazing rewards for sure. And hope that next time you will work on the missing point and will achieve more effective rewards. Stay blessed.

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