Dissolution of the Ego Perception - A Journey Back to Integrated Self

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Dissolution of Ego perception:

What does this mean?

This is synonymous with what is known as Union, or Unification in Yoga.

This is also mentioned in a part of the Christian Canon called "The New Testament," as "becoming as a child" once again.

When we were children, there was no separation between doing and joy; until someone told us sternly, that this isn't allowed, or that isn't okay, or such and such and such, from impatience toward a creative attitude we were displaying as such.

From non-wisdom (non-experience is all that means, and applied knowledge from such experiences to gain a wider perspective and thus application of such said experience), non-awareness of right knowledge of how children exhibit or display aspects of nature, based upon balance and imbalance of their systems and environs, creates the perceived eruptions that parents may or may not have the wisdom store from which to choose to act from.

As such, we became divided in our selves.

This division means we put up barriers, walls and primal borders to stay within what is acceptable behaviors (or perceived acceptable behaviors as that child's mind / body could comprehend) so as to avoid that unsavory response from its environment.

Thusly, once again, the ego is created, the buffer to "excuse" ourselves from the world, so we can primally retreat to safety and security and be protected.

While this is natural and is nature, yes, we get to also not only be in harmony with nature and nature's processes, but eventually nature will prompt us to leave behind these scars, particularly when we have embarked upon a spiritual journey, which is when we are looking for answers to "why" certain things "keep happening" to us.

This, then, begins the search for innerstanding of HOW we create our results, why we are blind to our habits and behaviors that are considered unsavory (even though we still do perform those behaviors and habits), and how those reverb off others and create a responsive environment and co-create our results altogether.

Of course, there are deeper and deeper layers to all this, such as energetic activations from cosmos and nature of the cosmos, as well as essential natures and energies which cannot be harmed but rather, are bound from above by the buried below primal learnings from our environs as we grew into more and more independent beings.

Ego dissolution, then, comes a time of at-one-ment with what we are doing and no need of perception or ideation. It's just all in one unit, as we focus all energies into pure expression. That is all.

It means we are not filtering, hiding, abating, jading, or any other such thing, as we perform in pure, spiritual harmony from our being.

Our everlasting font of life, the wellspring.

This is also Ponce de Leon's search, by the way. It is symbolic of the everlasting font of life, from which we are granted; it can never be found without; it is found WITHIN.

The outside mirrors and gives us perceptive clues so we can listen and learn, watch and see, and thusly dissolve that which was never meant to be an obsession at all: the personifacation of intellect.

Language utilized has much to do with ability to put together awarenesses, also, of what is the language of your nature, versus the language of the Jackals, as they say. The idea of the "language" being written word is just an extension of what is nature, which is SYMBOLS.

Once you can see that these are all just a bunch of symbols strung together as paint upon a wall, you can then see and interpret from your nature; your primal, artistic, natural self.

Some written symbol languages are much harder to leave behind as we come to see that the way it is designed can make it encouraging to aspects that are less desireable and hold us into patterns of darkness; only languages of the separation into ideas of what IT thinks is gnosis (knowledge) rather than true receiving (gnosis) of knowledge - which is of the primal nature, the whole of sensation.

Creators tried to discourage usage of the sensatorial nature to lead us away from our nature. Nature is at-one-ment with all that is.

All of these things again, are symbols you will revisit again and again through this journey of dissolution of ego, if that is the journey you are upon, of course.

You may of course also have a much different experience of this process, as dependent upon your nature and purpose of expression here, this may not be the focus nor something for which you would have any grasp of what truly occurred; just that some miracle of awareness or awakeness happened.

That's okay.

That's where the folks who are ascribed the ego dissolution path in detail will comeupponce this craft, and be able to articulate it in ways that are communicable and able to reach people who are in the right mind to hear and receive it.

Until we meet again -

White Wizard of the West,
Mandy J

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