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On Wizards, Magic and Gnosis (VIDEO)

Some powerful considerations about Sophia, the Wise spouse of the Logos. Mother of New Man, in the guise of Isis-Maria, and now somewhat obfuscated by the "infection" or Oppositional forces. But this doesn't necessarily have to be a Gnostic view. (Steiner was not Gnostic, but I recognise a lot of his views on Sophia in the Radagast's findings.) Most certainly can't see Wisdom appointing any single man like Lash to represent her! She would have chosen a woman, for starters! (Or a quiet nomad.)
To commune is good. Thank you for reminding us Steemians to do so daily. I recalled today, how, once upon a time I set off in a car to see how far I would get and I called it prayer. People thought I was nuts.

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Would you be willing to point me to a good place to start investigating Steiner's views on Sophia?


I went through my Steiner phase, JLL did too. Just sayin'.