Amma's Europe Tour(Yatra) 2018 - November 2-3: M.A.Center, Brombachtal, Germany

in spirituality •  4 months ago

Who is Amma?

If you are hearing about Amma for the first time and curious to know more about her:


Amma's Europe Tour(Yatra) 2018. Amma will be visiting M.A.Center, Brombachtal, Germany on 02 & 03 November. As always, the events are free of charge. If you are interested in meditation, you will be able to get an initiation and your personal mantra from amma during the events. Ask the volunteers in the hall for details.

Program details in English:

Program details in German:

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I visited Amma in in munich two days ago. It was amazing, she is pure love. Jay Sadguru Maharani Amritanandamayi Devi.


Yes, She is pure love. Thanks for the upvote and comment. Nice to meet some amma's followers here on steemit. Have a nice day.