New Beginnings

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I’ve decided to blog again and I tried twice thus far yet I never finished truly blogging how I wanted as I wasn’t able to communicate how I wanted to the public the things I’ve experienced, the things I know and my thoughts. I have had issues with communicating to the public so much and I feel now I shall be able to truly blog about things important to myself, to the world I’ve evolved in my communication on so many levels and I feel truly at ease doing such now.

With this being said I shall be blunt, I shall be honest and I shall not cut corners when it comes to my blogging. The list of things I shall blog about will be extensive, these things will be such things as superfood recipes, beauty tips, spirituality, health, charities, travelling, symbolism, words of wisdom, life experiences, relationships whether family or partners, friendships, the earth and yes some conspiracy stuff.

So there is the lovely list of subjects I shall address on this divine blog things I’m truly passionate about.

This is my first blog post on this lovely site and I thought as it’s the first I would ramble on a bit about the subjects I will address and thank everyone of my lovely followers on social media who are supportive kind and a breath of fresh air. I truly thank you for your support, for your kind words and for your beautiful energy you bring to my page, thank you for standing with me. I may not always be able to communicate this back but I assure you that I treasure your beautiful support each one of you who takes the time to leave me beautiful comments.

Today I decided to just jump into this whole awesome blogging adventure, I cleaned house, I made superfood’s, I danced around and did my usual rituals which include juicing, infrared sauna, lighting incense, and thinking good thoughts. I have a list of names for the subjects I’ll tackle and I’ll also just speak about everyday experiences that oftentimes are enlightening to myself.

I think this beautiful blog will help out many and that’s the intent of it, to inspire others towards better lives towards self-awareness, towards deeper spirituality, and towards higher frequencies.

I will teach things like cord cutting, instilling more colours into your aura, detoxing and much more. I want people to become self-empowered on every level they can as the world needs more empowered people desperately this instant. It needs more whole people as in people who have emotionally healed and also tackled their inner issues who seek the truth that is within and who bring this to others just as they have used such people who have faced their souls and came out renewed and empowered.

It is said truth spreads as wildfire no matter what, this I truly believe is true.

So I shall spread my truth from the heart, from my soul, from my depth of experience.

I shall speak with oceans of emotions with depth.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.


@sarahradams Great start, welcome and good luck

Welcome back to blogging I await you words :)

Right on!It's truly an honor Sarah. I saw you on YouTube then figured I would check FB and found ya ☺ Always a pleasure to hear you share your wisdom, my new friend. G-D BLESS ☼ -Robby

Thanks Sarah what is the best way to get in touch with you as interested in living multidimensional, increasing aura etc