The Sheer Radiance of Being - Tarot Tuesday

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Tarot Tuesday, Reading for 2-9 October



Page of Pentacles

  • Student
  • The Golden Orb
  • Humility
  • Applied Learning

XVI The Tower

  • Opening
  • Cleansing the Wound
  • Eruptions
  • Explosive Growth

XX - Judgement

  • Soul Inquiry
  • Talking to God
  • Major Life Lessons
  • Spiritual Maturity


The Great Reveal

You are beginning to learn the true nature of life and the universe, not through a mental understanding but through a deep experiential embodiment. This being is settling into the heart, and all of our operations now radiate from the central place. We are connected and embodied, we are unified.

The essense of your being is becoming attuned to truth and unity. The secrets are beginning to be unravelled, in a mysterious and unique way. Now is your time to come into your life unashamedly, your journey is about you alone. It has taken time and pain to reach this level of self honesty, know that it is a great blessing to the world. Your authenticity makes everyone you interact with more authentic, it gives them the opportunity to come from that same place.

Unity, Vision, Radiance, Clarity

There is a taking stock now. We review our life with a new vision, the kind of vision which cuts through the bullshit and sees the essence of things. Clearing weeds and overgrowth we see the outlines of the temple. Great beauty is uncovered for all to see. You are magnificent and you always have been, it has only been obscured by mental abstractions and projections. Now is a time to see the essence of things in our life, now is a time to see the divinity behind it.

Sudden revelations are open now, if we maintain the students humble attitude. Are you innocent and ready to meet god in this very moment? The heart must be prepated accordingly, and the bitterness must be rinsed away. Your inner strength strangely reveals a purity not tainted by the weight of responsibility.

Hollowing out and clearing, we prepare the vessel in a manner fit for the divine being - our highest aspect. Connecting to higher powers, feelings blessed and at peace. Heart awareness opens beautiful ways of living for us to embody.

Holy fire

The burning of impurities, release all negative fixations and thought patterns. Maintain the warrior aspect and be firm in your decision to not become involved in circular thoughts - either angry or self victimizing. All conflict is perceived as internally derived - the light of the truth dissolves it now.

You are no longer polarized against yourself and other people, you remain sitting in the heart space of now. From this place a natural enjoyment arises, profound feelings that you haven't experienced in a long time begin to emerge.

Redemption, through accepting the task fully and making a commitment to self sacrifice you are redeemed. Redeemed in your own eyes and redeemed in the eyes of your higher aspect. This brings the two of you closer, the self blame of the human aspect is fully forgiven. Full acceptance is engendered, you feel as if a great weight has been released.

Solar Radiance

The sun is the origin of the holy flame. By sacrificing the fearful mind self you have become a solar vessel, capable of holding the frequency of unconditional love. You radiate, bringing warmth and life to those around you. Blessed is the one that maintains this eminence, let it be your priority over any petty thing. To be in this state is to manifest truly miraculous things. To be in this state is to be eternal.

Yellow is a solar emanation, it is also the color of mental clarity and awareness. Understanding and awareness of the mind - good judgement. Balance and balanced decisions. Realistic and willing to humble ourselves to the work that needs to be done.

Feel the certainty of great blessings to come, and in that knowing commit to the longer journey of eternal life. Radiance, power, purity of intent. Your solar eminence is at peak manifesting potential right now. Bless the world with your unique way of being. Allow the fire to cleanse you, and give gratitude for this blessed time that we live in. Make your life a symbol of beauty which becomes your ultimate gift back to life its self. Gratitude.


With Gratitude and Abundance

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This is the perfect spread today! I'll be 1/2 a century young tomorrow and sooo many energies and spirals of divine assignments are circling me now..
thank you thank you.... I was having a wonderful conversation last night with an old friend pontificating if the sun is actually a doorway to the higher dimensions as if a portal than really a ball of fire..
inspired to pull cards now... and followed ya


Thank you Kimmy! I have heard more than one person say that the sun is a portal, a link to the original source perhaps. I was really feeling the suns radiance in this reading, coming from the heart. Happy solar return 🙏 I'm going to check your blog out 😛

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