Tarot Tuesday - Spirituality, Leadership, and Imbalance

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This reading ended up coming through as more of a 'download' whereby this article kind of wrote its self. I drew the cards and these sentiments arose, I recorded them in the most balanced way I could. Let's take a look at what we can explore today.


This reading is all about Leaders, Control, and Spiritual Teachers.

One of the first things to explore is the idea that the majority of people with considerable power and money are not spiritually connected. There is the idea of separating church and state, yet it is another thing entirely to be a spiritually disconnected leader. This is a wide scale effect on planet earth right now. In essence we have individuals who exert control over reality - and in doing that there is a certain pride. The controller believes that they are above other beings who are affected (failing to see the unity between ourselves and others), either that or they do not consider the consequences beyond their own success.

What is missing is the emotional maturity to see the potential for a power trip, and the ability to bring ourselves back to 'no assumptions' and looking at things freshly. What is missing is the ability to admit that things are fucked up, and then take actions to make it right - instead of continuing to play the game and pretend that it's working. What is missing is the humility to relinquish control and power when we realize that we are not doing a good job, instead of becoming defensive and warlike.

It's an interesting thing because for the most part people who seek power in business and politics have no interest in spiritual growth and integrity. Conversely most people who expand into their own maturity of inner knowing have no interest in the coercive games of politics and economics.


So what the world is really asking for in this 'transition phase' is people who are deeply connected, yet can play this game and put themselves into a leadership role. This is despite their distaste for the role, and their feelings about it. As the King of Cups implies this requires a real emotional 'growing up'. We honor how we feel about things, yet still act according to the highest good. Who among us has this level of self understanding and self sacrifice? It seems to be a rare breed.

In my own spiritual search I have been looking to satisfy this need for deep peace and acceptance. Having found some sense of it would I then turn around and seek situations that bring me out of it? It seems counter intuitive.

To enter into the world of leadership would mean sacrificing our own comfortable way of life. The spiritually aware person senses life through its feeling and energy, this is why they much prefer to be in places of love and unity. Would a spiritually aware person willingly walk out of those places to be in places that are disconnected and afraid? Perhaps for some mission or purpose they would.

The people lost in the worlds of hierarchy, control, and subservience surely need leaders with integrity and open-heartedness. Who are the ones who will embody this role? Where are these super humans who have unshakable integrity and authenticity? It's my hope that these generations alive today are the training grounds to create such people, who will take the light where it is needed. As much as we can create utopias outside of these 'states', we also have to heal and reintegrate the sick parts of ourselves.


In terms of people, leaders, and power structures

  • it is really about who we choose to favour with our money and our time. Money and labor are the representations of our energy, what we devote them to is our vote for what we want to grow and expand in this reality.

Having some level of discernment is becoming more and more crucial. Firstly in the sense that we are starting to withdraw from all of the economic activities that feed into parasitic corporations. If it comes in needless packaging, if it exploits human beings, if it exploits the land, and if it generally makes life worse for us then we don't want to buy it. Or we might have an internal dialogue about it - to consider how connected our small actions are.

This comes back to spiritual teachers, more and more people are being called forward to share their truth with other human beings. A spiritual teacher devotes their life to the understanding of our inner nature, and how we can open to our own empowerment and truth. The question comes as to whether or not we choose to honor these people with our energy (time and money).

There is an attitude that the spiritual teacher needs to be poor, and shouldn't charge anyone for what they devote their life too. Because it's not a 'real thing' right? We can't hold it in our hands like the beer that we bought to suppress the deep dissatisfaction we feel inside. It's another story that needs to go, the denial of our internal world and the suffering that we are experiencing. It is real and there are real methods to move through it and beyond it.

For everyone else who sell various toxins (chemical or informational), or just generally oppresses people - there is no question as to whether we should pay them. In essence what we are saying is that we don't value what exploring our internal world brings, and the expertise that spiritual teachers give. The thing we need the most right now is the ability to expand within ourselves to these majestic states of consciousness, yet we are supremely unwilling to honor the process with time and money.


Understandably within economic oppression, enough scarcity can be created to stop people from being able to invest in themselves and their inner journey. It ties back in to its self beautifully, the more we favour individuals who seek to liberate humanity - then the less we favour oppressive systems which inhibit our expansion. It's a simple choice which we can commit to regardless of the level of our resources. I see a lot of amazing examples of this here on Steemit. Great communities are arising to honor individuals who seek to heal and assist.

Of course I am not saying that there should be a gold standard for everyone offering meditation or any inner work. I do recognize that a large part of the work is giving freely from an open heart. This is the daily practice, of giving to everyone your presence and favour regardless of how misdirected they seem. We have different contracts for different people. As beings mature they begin to understand that a fair exchange of energy will help sustain guides and teachers to continue their work.

There is a balance to be struck here, between what we offer and how much we ask for. There is the potential for an ego trip, where we see ourselves as a guru who deserves riches, adoration, and pampering - yet that same ego isn't willing to do the deep work which is often confronting, turbulent, and not glamorous at all. There is also the potential to not honor the work we do, and not ask for some energy to be directed back to us.

Whether we see ourselves as greater than or less than then there is an unbalance which needs to be corrected.

Much Love, Balance, and Vibrance

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