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It's a good question, but I may not mean what you think.

Who is your God? I ask this question not to focus on Who God actually is, but instead to remind us of what is NOT God. There are certain characteristics that can only be applied to God, and to attempt to bestow these specific qualities to any other being or thing is irrational and foolish.

Certain traits that readily come to mind, such as omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. God alone is all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere. Another part of His awesomeness is that He cannot be wrong, ever! This is true of God alone. However, a terrible evil has occurred over the millennia in Christianity, and have have allowed another to reach that zenith.

There has arisen within the sects of Christianity a standard which is not allowed to be doubted or questioned, and each sect has their own. No church or doctrinal statement is infallible. They all at least have the capability of being erroneous.

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Well, who is my GOD?
What if I say he can't do anything?
What if I say he got no power?
What if i say he won't sacrifice anything for me?
What if I say he got nothing to give me?

He is my GOD and I fucking love him. No matter what kinda life he offered me, no matter what kinda health he offered me, no matter what kinda family he blessed me, no matter what kinda status he offered me.
I love him because he said," Son, I am blessing you a life and you can fucking twist it, turn it or burn it in the way you want it."
And I love him whether he loves me or .... It doesn't matter.

Very well presented message. May God's blessing continue to be on you and this ministry. As a believer in the God of the Bible, his Word and His Spirit. And in all humility I lift you up to the Father in prayer for your thoughtful and easy to follow method of bringing the gospel to this platform. We need to hear this often.


Wow, that is very humbling and encouraging to read. Thank you for that.


My pleasure brother. I am new to this, but I see this platform as a very appropriate method to spread the Gospel. And your reply is a blessing to my heart.

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There has arisen within the sects of Christianity a standard which is not allowed to be doubted or questioned, and each sect has their own. No church or doctrinal statement is infallible. They all at least have the capability of being erroneous.

Yep especially some certain sects in Christianity have gone awry in this political landscape that has become a 3 ringed circus.

Sorry Papa, I do not mean to get too political. But quite frankly when I see a group of so called Christians who put down Gays left and Right but then seem to turn the other cheek ( and seemingly worship) a political demagogue who has sex with prostitutes when his young wife is at home with their new baby...well to me that is a Religion I want NO part of.

Like I said ,I may be stirring the pot here. But I truly think if people took a step back to a analyze this situation they would agree it's majorly messed up !!


I think that you raise a valid point, and I appreciate you sharing it openly and honestly. Trust me, I understand.


Yeah, I can relate.

A close family member, and self-professed Christian, used to rail on Facebook calling for the death of all Muslims, because "they all want to kill us," which is a patent, if oft-repeated, falsehood.

Years of my recounting my own extensive experiences with Muslims, whom I found to be perfectly lovely people who accepted me on my own merits, fell on deaf ears.

I finally changed tactics and reminded her that Jesus instructed us to love our enemies, to turn the other cheek, and never to take revenge, providing scriptures for each quote.

She promptly accused me of behaving like a middle schooler . . . and then unfriended me on Facebook.

It was actually a relief not to be bludgeoned by her ongoing tirade of hate speech.

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i only read the text --- who is your god.....

my chickens--the animals and the nature are my god....


@feurelfe In Genesis 1:26 we were given dominion over all these things you listed. Why are you reducing your Image and worth by worship things lesser than you.


I believe that there is one true Creator God over all of creation. Behind all of what people may nature or the universe, I believe that there is One Who created it, and us.

There is only one true God. Thanks for sharing papa

My belief is a tad untraditional in that, while I have long been a person of faith, I find organized religions as anathema as political parties, as they tend to pervert both faith and message.

For myself, I feel far closer to the divine in nature than in so-called houses of worship, and prefer my faith sans dogma.

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I find organized religions as anathema as political parties, as they tend to pervert both faith and message.

Amen to that. It may be tragic, but it is a true story.


Yes, and unfortunately, some of those who scream the loudest are those completely ignoring the real tenets of their own professed faith.

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Yes! 🙌🏼 Thank you for sharing your faith with us.

I’ve had similar experiences in church, actually left my family’s church as a teenager because of that kind of closed thinking (and hypocritical behavior). Long story short, I started attending a new church in 2011, and my faith was pretty shaken and revolutionized over the next three years as the more I learned from reading the Bible began ferreting out a LOT of false teachings. I love that God is so patient; He allowed me to wrestle with Him and do the testing to find the truth. ❤️ My faith is so much stronger these days, because of it.


He is so patient. I am most grateful for that!

there is one true Creator God over all of creation

Absolutely. So many religions are marching to their own drum, not listening to what the Creator had intended for us. The Creator is the only one who is infallible. Question what they preach and their actions. Look for love and understanding from Him.

For 32 years we let the church and it’s doctrine be our god. The past 3 years we have begun the testing of all things. Standing ovation over here! Lol👏🏻


I have a very familiar story as well!

The Church is a Living organism that is not a building or creed. One thing that is a sign of a cult is when they try to make cookie cutter Christians out of each of us. When if you look at the Bible and the people there, all believing in the same God, but so unique and individual that they are not even similar to one another.
We have to know for ourselves what the Bible says for ourselves. When God reaveals something directly to you, it is something that is a treasure. We need to hear what God has to say.
Most cemeteries (seminaries) teach so much that is doctrines of men and including doctrines of demons.
That said, I like to focus on what brings us together and not what separates us. The central truths required for salvation. If you believe and practice those central truths, then are you part of the family of God and thus, my brother or my sister in Christ.
I ran into a guy the other day that said Jesus was a Baptist. He truly believed that the only true church was baptist.
If someone says they belong to the “only true church”, you can guarantee it is a false church.
Central Truths
Jesus is God. Otherwise your Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible. The Creator of all things.
Born of a virgin and she was still a Virgin after conception. As there is a group that believe God had carnal knowledge with Mary.
Led a sinless life. The Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the World.
His substitutionary death. Death in our place for our sins.
His bodily resurrection from the dead.
Faith in that Work He accomplished on the cross. It is finished
Not our good Works, but a free gift by faith. Faith that leads to repentance and fruit meet for repentance.
Got typing and couldn’t stop! Lol!
When a person comes to Jesus, there is always a transformation.
Thanks @paoa-pepper

The difference between the institutional church and man's relationship with God are not exactly the same. The mainstream church has it's unquestionable doctrine, whether it aligns with what the Most High spoke through the scriptures or not.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5

How do we prove, how do we test?
One example of how to do this can be found in Deuteronomy 13!