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There is quite a difference.

Many times, people will claim that they are willing to die for their loved ones. Many will even point to the death of Jesus Christ as an example. However, the death of Jesus did not vary from His life.

His life was a daily denial of Himself so that He could bless others. How many of us are willing to "die a daily death" in order to truly live for our loved ones?

Dying a physical death once only requires a moment of bravery and courage, and then it is over. Compared to actually living for our loved ones over the course of years or decades, it seems small in comparison. Just some spiritual food for thought.


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Would you live for me? 😁

All men die. Few rarely live.


Very well stated!

Havent listened to the video yet, but I subscribed so I can check it out later!
Very true words, dying for something, and living for something are two VERY different things. :)

Death comes in many forms. Yes the commitment to a physical death for a loved one may be short. If one does not know Christ that death is pointless but a sacrifice. YET ...a much larger commitment is the death every day. It is the selfless suffering for the better of another. it is the loss of individual dreams for the benefit of the marriage. Or the sacrifice of time, goals, sweat and tears for the benefit of another. It is taking up the cross we are asked to bear. A daily death and denial of self is selfless love...and perhaps the the highest form of it. I am sorry I did not respond sooner to this post. Thanks @papa-pepper for your wise insight.

Very good thought, brother. I've often thought about the passage where Christ tells the rich dude to sell everything and to follow him. I don't have much, but at my age, that just sounds sooo hard. He was young and single, if I remember right, but still...

There was a very good quote in Call Of Duty 2, it goes something like:

All men say they would die for their country, but none say they would live for it.

Very challenging words......

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