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Ah, the study Bible.

Sure, the intentions behind them can be good, but does that make them a proper thing to put out? Repeatedly throughout the Bible God commands us not to add or take away from his words. Far too often, this may be exactly what the study Bibles do.

Unfortunately, it seems that study Bibles also encourage people to put their face in men, rather than in God. If you really want to understand the message that God is trying to deliver with certain passages of scripture, I'd suggest asking God to reveal it to you by His Spirit, meditate on His Word, and work on having an understanding of the entire Bible to make sure you have a foundation of His truth to test difficult passages with.


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Until next time…

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Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. These topics you are covering are not popular but you are doing an amazing job of getting people to think and encouraging them to think and study. Great job brother!!!


Thanks man. I really appreciate that. Also, at some point, probably next spring, we may be passing through your area. just wanted to give you a heads up ahead of time.


We would love to get to meet you all.

What you say makes sense. Although I would like to think that the Holy Spirit can work though any medium including a study bible. Though yes I do understand how it would be biased or slanted to a certain school of theology. Thanks @papa-pepper.

John 14:21 He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose/reveal Myself to him.

I have found that the more commandments, I obey and make a part of my life the more I begin to understand and the more that makes sense. It is just like the Heavenly Father gives us just as much as we can handle. Once we grasp something and actually put it into action only then are we given more.

It is also interesting that the order in the verse above is crucial... We have to obey first before revelation is given. The world says, that I will only do something after it makes sense to me and it is understood but just like little children have to obey rules first to keep them safe even if they don't understand.


Wow! I hear you loud and clear on that! Very well said.

Interesting... I personally feel like religion has become a major tool of control.


It certainly has in many, many ways.

how about a direct translation? what about the missing books? how about just studying the hermetic principles instead? how about learning arameic?
oh what about constantine and all his changes to make the bible a force of control?


Constantine never made changes to the Bible. The Bible was never a force of control. The "missing" books aren't included in the Bible because they were NEVER accepted as biblical books from the time of Christ onward. Some are outright forgeries. Others are historical but not spiritual.


What about how? And then? Go for it.

Hi @papa-pepper, I appreciate your view and it really helps. Thanks a lot

Good point. Very sobering!

Studying the Bible is actually a spiritual food required for our growth, so giving up on studying the Bible is actually not a great idea only if you don't want to grow.


Yes, studying the Bible is excellent and a very good thing to do. I was talking about "study Bibles."


Sorry sir, enlighten me more. What's exactly the difference.


Study Bibles are Bibles with a lot of commentary added into them.

I had a couple of discussions with a guy and when I presented him with some scripture he would always look at the commentary. I couldn't get him to think for himself, he didn't want to read what the words were really saying!

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Nicely said @papa-pepper. Nothing is better than meditation when it comes to spiritual advancement ☺️

Study Bibles are great. They can add historical context and understanding to the verse. They can explain which Greek or Hebrew word is being translated and give a longer explanation of what the word means.

It's not putting your faith in men. You can listen to your pastor give a sermon and still have your faith in God.


Not really going to reply, since you never seem to engage in any real conversation.

Thank you!


I think you are wise and right to share your observation, and it is respectable, knowing that people in study groups of this nature are not used to hearing it.

There´s no question that groups have strong advantages and Iḿ glad that someone in yours is looking out for seemingly subtle but very important detail in consideration of newcomers.

Should a person find that itś time to delve deeper or pursue orthodox tradition or deeper still, the difference in mind set should become clear. But I might guess that this doesn´t happen very often.

I was discussing something similar with a family member after I went in an alternate direction some decades ago. They don´t get it, nor do they want to understand. Maybe I did not realize how much of a contrast exists between worlds that appear as modified versions of one, but in actuality might be many- overlapping with assumptions that helps to ease compatibility.

All forms of ¨new Bible¨ are in my mind, tailored products designed to suit specific taste, culture and they probably also align with current ¨official positions¨ that are ultimately decided by some kind of governing body.

Until controversy came knocking, I had no idea that any such denominational (protestant, in this case) authority existed. And upon discovery, despite that I was in agreement of their position on a matter was irrelevant.
This discovery and process spoke volumes to me but it sure did broaden my view in some areas, helping me to move on.



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All forms of ¨new Bible¨ are in my mind, tailored products designed to suit specific taste, culture and they probably also align with current ¨official positions¨ that are ultimately decided by some kind of governing body.

Things do get interesting once you really start to look and consider. Thanks for taking the time to check this out and comment!