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Words have meanings, and the words that we use in our prayers should be intentional.

During my walk with the Lord, I've noticed a peculiar word used in prayer, which may even be one of the most common words used in the prayers of many.

That word is "just" and it too has a meaning. By praying in a manner like, "Lord, I just ask You to do this, and if You could just help with this..." it makes our prayers sound more like pathetic begging than intentional petitions. Check the video out and see what you think.


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I removed the word "just" from my prayer life. I was just using it just too much. I try to address my Father in Heaven the way I would want my son to address me. Sincere desire to do what he wants without the platitudes... if I can help it.


Yeah, can you imagine children talking to their parents that way? Or an employee to a boss? In the end, it may not even really be appropriate, especially with the overuse that I've heard.

I loved this, soo much. I think i was meant to hear it. Thank you, oh and its 3am my time, perfect time to speak to my father.


Amen! Glad you liked it!

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