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Far too often, the only ones considered to be in "fulltime ministry" are people like pastors or other paid church positions.

Ultimately, I think that the Christian life is fulltime ministry.

Everyone that we meet, encounter, and interact with is either a believer or a nonbeliver. Either they need to be encouraged in their faith or they need to be encouraged to be reconciled to their Creator. We have opportunities all day every day to edify believers and to point the lost in the correct direction. Hopefully this provides some good food for thought.


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Your words are worth a million dollars per second for the mere fact that you ask people to "think about it".

No Bible bashing, no shoving religion down anyones throat, just a very personal thought provoking message that no matter if anyone agrees or not, they are politely asked to "think about it".

Right on, well done, a very inspiring message to read and listen to in the morning. A great start to the day, as some would put it.


Right on man. I'm glad that you enjoy it. I am simply trying to provide thoughts for others to think about. Appreciate it.

I once knew of a man who when asked "What do yo do for a living?" replied "I serve Jesus, but I am a butcher to pay my bills". I think he had the right attitude and strive to be more like him.


I've heard ones like that too.... "A servant of Jesus Christ cleverly disguised as a baker" or something similar.

That is very true! Pastors aren't the only ones that can preach the word!
All christians have many chances to talk to non-beleivers about the bible, I hope that all christians understand that.

actually, I would say that to NOT get paid for it is MORE of a ministry. Me personally, I am in full-time ministry - i won't say it's Christian because although I love Jesus, I don't mention Him, but I do demonstrate spiritual principles in all that I do - but I don't believe that everyone has to do it "my" way and that's why I am not "christian" - perse. I don't think God cares what we call Him. My experience shows me that God has given us principles to live by and when we live by those principles, life is a lot easier and better and we have access to God's unlimited power. i personally have had numerous experiences with Jesus Christ and He is my buddy, but that's as far as I will go with it.

But, I am in ministry 24/7 - helping others, praying, thinking about Nature and God vs. what our world is doing, checking my actions against Principles, etc... so - I would agree with you - that being "paid" is not necessarily being a full-time minister. I have met a lot of paid ministers who do not have a personal relationship with God at all and that is shocking!

I have a "job" - that again is a God-job in that I am a caregiver with the elderly - and I get paid dirt wages and I take care of old people all day - and I am an artist. God takes care of me - I don't make a lot of money - and i don't fit in to this materialistic world AT ALL - and I try to keep my focus on helping other people.

Christianity is a full time job, salary paid by God. But the way the church is structured to have a pastor been paid for made many to leave the work of encouragement, prayerfulness and other virtues and tenet of Christian life to there pastor to do for them.
Not knowing we rise by lifting others.

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Very well said! Thanks @botefarm!

It is strange that if we pay money to travel to Mexico, or even to another state to help people that we're more willing to strike up a conversation about Jesus. However, if we're in our own town... fat chance of that happening. Someone I know might see us!

It's something that has bugged me off and on. I think the key is being "available." If we're so focused on what we need to get done, and if we don't make time to deviate from that plan at all, there's no time to stop and talk with someone about our faith or theirs.


Amen and Amen! Thanks for chiming in with all of that!