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What are you feeding your children?

When it comes to food, adults usually have a palette for what they were raised on. I think that this does not just apply to food. If we give our children a palette for truth early on, they may be more likely develop a real taste for it.

Unfortunately, most children are raised on cartoons, fantasy, make believe, and lies...


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Agreed. Disney has fed us fantasy for generations. Snow white, Cinderella etc. No wonder women are taken aback when their prince never really comes. Then we have Santa and the Easter Bunny. We feed our children this false image. Christ is replaced with Santa and the empty cross with a rabbit. it seem we get conditioned to this and to sin. Eventually sin feel good and righteousness feel uncomfortable and abnormal. Thanks for spreading the truth @papa-pepper.


Thanks so much for checking out another video. Glad to know that others are thinking deeply and seriously.

I had to add this. I work in the construction industry for years. And we hired many Mexicans. And some of them told me they leard english buy watching American cartoon. No wander things are screwed now.

Developing our children’s palettes.

May our children know Truth & may they have the choice to choose Truth that sets them free.

How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

One of the most frequently quoted biblical texts dealing with education is Proverbs 22:6: “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”
The Hebrew verb translated “train” is חָנַךְ (khanach). In the Bible this verb and its derivatives occur mainly in contexts suggesting the sense of “to begin, initiate, inaugurate.”
For example, the root is used for the formal opening of a building (Solomon’s Temple, 1 Kgs. 8:63), for an initiation gift for an altar (Num. 7:10), and for the time one begins to live in a new house (Deut. 20:5). Since cult sacrifices, consecration rites or prayers were often connected with the inauguration of a structure, the meaning “to dedicate” eventually became extended to khanach.
The Sweetness of Learning

I hear what you're saying @papa-pepper. My children are almost raised up. I have done my best to raise them well. 🙏🖤🕷🕸 i sure hope it's enough. If it's any indication --My 28 yr old step-daughter who i helped raise since she's 12 & who took me through hell & back, is doing 💯. All we can do is offer our best. Pray that it all works out for good. It's pretty wild in the west! The land of the great mystery. Be Blessed! Hugs 🖤


Thanks @yogajill!


You are welcome!!! And, Thank-You @papa-pepper for your sharing your beautiful presence 🖤🕸🐜🕸🕷🖤

Totally agree. I never had cable when my kids were small. They were well adjusted, happy children that were fed from the fountain of truth. I started them in school as this was what felt right to me, but, by first grade, took them out and started homeschooling them and teaching them life lessons. All I am trying to say in my ineloquent way is that everything you say rings true to what I have experienced. They cannot miss what they don't have and they will not thirst for the spiritual waters if they are given soda to drink. You wouldn't feed your diabetic kid sugar, so why would you feed a hungry child a fantasy?

You preach it! You do it so well.


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A lesson has to been leant here, be you a child, what do u parents do feed you or an adult, what do u feed your child and it goes far beyond family relationships. What exactly do u feed the society with, the word of truth that they would not depart from it or the way of the world. Great food for thought @papa-pepper

And once you find truth and find the meat of the word you want to hold on to it, I also think at that point things that were not truth start to become more obvious to you!

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