On Wizards, Magic and Gnosis (VIDEO)

in spirituality •  9 months ago

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Some powerful considerations about Sophia, the Wise spouse of the Logos. Mother of New Man, in the guise of Isis-Maria, and now somewhat obfuscated by the "infection" or Oppositional forces. But this doesn't necessarily have to be a Gnostic view. (Steiner was not Gnostic, but I recognise a lot of his views on Sophia in the Radagast's findings.) Most certainly can't see Wisdom appointing any single man like Lash to represent her! She would have chosen a woman, for starters! (Or a quiet nomad.)
To commune is good. Thank you for reminding us Steemians to do so daily. I recalled today, how, once upon a time I set off in a car to see how far I would get and I called it prayer. People thought I was nuts.


Would you be willing to point me to a good place to start investigating Steiner's views on Sophia?


I went through my Steiner phase, JLL did too. Just sayin'.

It was hard to watch this podcast. I might have enjoyed the subject matter some years ago but not now, even though I believe the interviewee's heart might've been in the right place.

I know you see wizards in a different way, Cahlen, and perhaps even magic but I was inspired to write this:


You are kind as well as perceptive. Thank you.


I hear you Nadine, but it seems I have not reached my wits end yet with this stuff as you have.


"reaching my wits end" -- I love that phrase to describe it.

I should tell the audience that at the present moment I am not on board with the Gaian narrative as presented by Lash. It is still something I'm investigating and feel people should be aware of what is happening so they can assess for themselves. There are some aspects with which I am personally uncomfortable, so I advise caution.