Prosperous Thoughts Bring Prosperous Living

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I heard this phrase this morning, right when I woke up. I had one of those 8-hour subliminal meditation things playing on my laptop while I slept. This one was on abundance. I like to keep that in my rotation of meditative listenings, as should you!

Anyway, "Prosperous thoughts bring prosperous living" were the words I woke up to. And it's a good thing too because I have NOT been feeling very "prosperous"!

work has been so busy and stressful as the business grows, so I've been coming home super exhausted and a little angst-y pants. Also I'm still on the fence about some future decisions and some income-earning ideas, and the bod-o-mine has been achy and a bit tired-y pants, and I have not had time to eat as healthy, and bla bla bla.

But this morning, I just decided that any time I had a whiny or worrisome thought, I would replace it immediately with the following:

I am wealthy like Oprah and healthy like a Tibetan Monk


And you know what? Seriously, my whole day changed. There was a renewed pep in my step, because every single time I thought of being wealthy like Oprah, all I could think about was how many people I was going to be able to do things for!

Think about it, if you had all the money the world could offer, and could do whatever you chose with your time, what would you do with both? I know what I'd do.

And I gotta say, it felt amazing. So all of a sudden, work was not so stressful or difficult, I had more energy, and I felt more focused. I've been feeling impatient because that job is only one small aspect of me that is being put to good use.

There are other parts of me that want to be

But there are other parts of me that I've had to kind of bench for awhile, like blogging and doing energy work, and psychic healing and meditation. All that stuff is so rewarding and so much fun, and makes me feel so good. And I've been able to rejuvenate others in the process as well.

But then it dawned on me, just because I can't do it all day, every day, doesn't mean it doesn't matter. And it will only stress me out if I think about it that way. So I will schedule it in during the week, and I will be patient with my life. I will blog once or twice a week, and do energy work and meditation twice a week as well.

And that will just have to be enough for now, until something comes about to open up a little more time for me to do more! And I think it will.

Pace yourself, littlescribe. You can't swallow the elephant all at once!


As usual my little friends,



When I first glanced at the post, I read "Preposterous." Haha, now that would be something. I suppose it also applies. Preposterous thinking leads to preposterous living. Best stay Prosperous. And now I almost wrote posterous. What's going on? Posterous thoughts...maybe lead to a nice posterior, but I'll worry about my posterior another time. Prosperity, not posterity.

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Lol, I'm just here to figure out how many people can say Preposterous hippopotamus 3 times fast

😂 At some point it comes out, preposterous hypotamous or hypopopotamous.

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Preposterous thoughts bring preposterous living! I like the sound of that. There is a ring to it. In fact, I think I'm gonna go with that now. And maybe I'll get a posterior worth writing about to my posterity.

Each day is a new opportunity to take a big bite out of that elephant we call life, ingest it and use that sustenance for something new. :)

I'd rather take a bite out of a preposterous hippopotamus.

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