Going deeper into the present moment!

in spirituality •  6 months ago


Excerpt from next article:

Consciousness is that point we develop spiritually from, it’s deeper than our rational mind, comprehensions, talents. It’s the part of us that journeys through the past, present and future simultaneously. It’s the eternal, spiritual part of us.

Have you ever experienced that enhanced sense of awareness where you could tune into your surroundings and become cognizant to things you wouldn’t perceive normally?

These kinds of witnesses show us a glimpse into a heartfelt way of being and perceiving the reality each of us carry within!

You can only truly raise and expand your consciousness to feel the reality you carry within you when you’re fully aware of the present moment.

But what’s really about the eternal present moment?

How does being present help you?

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(Above my head) haha...Eternal present moment? haha, I'm not very philosophical.


Lol! Trust me it isn’t! I’ll show you! 😀

the beauty is incredible


It’s more than incredible 😀


You're right! Simply breathtaking!


I’m glad there’s someone who can actually relate too :)