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This Week Was A Storm For Me For Sure

For those of you who have been following my meditation contest you already know I got arrested for a mistake made by the police officer on a minor traffic ticket. Well, in fact, that turned out to be just the first in a long line of unfortunate incidents that happened to me. Here are a few of the top ones: My family van got impounded at a birthday party we were at leaving me and my family stranded. A project at work got delayed which caused a cash crunch for me. And lastly, my cell phone crashed giving me the white screen of death (didn't even know such a thing existed) and the backup got corrupted! It was hard to part with all my data and lost photos I couldn't recover. In the midst of all these circumstances, a phrase from last weeks card (Dolomite) came to mind. It was: "Don't be aggressive toward yourself or anyone else, it recognizes the need to honor everyone’s feelings and rights." This helped me keep strong and stay in my grace and allow these events to pass with less pain and suffering! I stayed close to my inner faith and doubled up on my meditation and self-care​ practices. This was all the difference, as all the circumstances slowly got worked out. When I pulled this week's card I smiled as my life seemed to be leading right into this card. See for yourself. I can't wait to see what unfolds​ for me this week.

This Weeks Card Pull For You Is Dolomite:


Life Lessons

This card is reassurance about the challenges you’re experiencing bring you valuable life lessons. Upsetting situations are a “test “– they are experiences that help us learn the truth about ourselves and others.
If you keep experiencing recurring patterns, the key to breaking free from these negative cycles is understanding the lesson they offer you. For instance, a series of negative relationships could be an opportunity for you to look at your levels of self-esteem. Are you settling for an unhealthy relationship because of a feeling that you can’t have a healthy partnership? Similar insights can heal negative patterns related to your career, your health, and other life areas.
Ask God to reveal the underlying lesson within a troubling situation. Be open to see how you may have played part in accepting these patterns. The intent is not to blame yourself but to assume responsibility for your part as a way of empowering you to take charge of a pattern and not allow it to continue...with Gods help, of course.
About Peridot: This translucent stone is always pale olive green, unlike other crystals with color variations. Peridot has an uplifting, positive energy that helps with mental focus and clarity, study, and decision-making.

Card Pulled from Crystal ANGELS oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

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As always don't be shy and let me know what you think and what these cards are providing for you! Be good to yourself​ this week and take some time out for self-reflection​! Examine an area of your life or a relationship that has been testing you. Look with an open and honest heart for where you can be responsible for your actions. Have fun with it and search for ways you can move that energy and uplevel your life. Thank you for making this the very best place to post! As always, leaving you with blessings and LOVE Steemfam!


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I have experienced many tests over the past few years, especially after I become more open to exploring life in a spiritual sense. But I had a deep down knowing that there was an important lesson in all of them.

What we are perceiving on the outside is usually a reflection of what needs healing on the inside. I have found this to be very true for me. I was asking for inner peace and healing and we need to be accepting in whatever form that healing show up as.

Great reminder here. :)


So true about the outside showing us areas that require our attention to help us grow in some way! This simple idea has such a deep implication in our life. If we choose to walk through life with this as our filter we could see each and every interaction as a true blessing! Thank you for sharing your ideas with me very inspiring!

En esta vida dios nos da a vivir momentos de distinta forma, pero todo se supera, son lecciones de vida

Nice view

Me encanto tu post, simplemente , hermoso y sobre todo las imagenes ,saludos.

Wow..I hate that you have been going through so much but glad your meditations have given you answers and the negative has turned around for you. The peridot is also what I needed for I too am experiencing some things that are causing my positive energy to drop to negative when I think about all of it...Contsantly having to shake it off.



Thank-you for your kind words! I am sending you some positive energy​ to help boost it back up ;)


Thank you and I'll do the same for you...have a blessed day...



Sending you love and light to clear all the negative vibes around you and your home.

It's OK to have some "down time." When "good time" comes back, you'll be more aware and appreciate it more. So step into the Fairy Ring and surround yourself with lots of love and light, and come out re-energized. :)

Here's a verse that just crossed my mind for you: "In everything, give thanks."


Hello ground2feet I'm surprised by all the things that happened to you. But it does not surprise me, you know about energy, you must undertake a task that becomes a great number of beings within your inner reach, to be harmonious, to be at its center, to an excellent work that goes beyond the planes of materiality, it is what the real human being needs, that is today in the emotional, a diary, and you had the audacity to do something to help. But you know that other dimensional planes that do not care that this can be done and you can see that he used anything to make you leave your center. But thank God you had Light and you will have the necessary tools to get up and move forward, thank God Luz and your friends who always give you the attention when you need it. Keep going friend, faith, strength and much success. You're always happy to communicate with you. Namaste.
Yma Benavides-benavides54


Thank-you and I will stay grounded in my faith and continue to keep fighting the good fight! I appreciate your kind words and support! I hope you have a fantastic week as we move into a new lighter time! Namaste!!!


It is nothing my friend, I humbly from the place that I occupy in this puzzle, I will always be in favor of everything that has to do with harmony and balance, with wisdom and especially with peace. Namaste.

We are just finishing a retrograde Mercury, that is know in causing car trouble :-), really I'm happy that you pulled this card, reading the first part I was thinking to comment and say that this is probably for the better and there is a lesson to learn here but the cards knew that already.

Have a great week.


Yeah, it has to be that Mercury in Retrograde! My wife kept reminding if that throughout the whole week. She said this one had to do with travel and communication.......and lookie lookie all of the incidents had something to do with that! You caught the card thing too! Let's​ see what this week unfolds for us! Thanks for the comment and stay blessed brother!

It’s always crazy to me how precise the cards can be.

How magickal it is that during difficult times, you have managed to see the light. Thank you for sharing 💜

Nice post
Very good