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RE: This Week's Gift for You Steemfam! March 24, 2018

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I am sorry to hear that you're not feeling your best and I can relate to taking some of that out on my wife too! I hope you can find a way to release whats bothering you and have your relationship in harmony. This card talks about trying new communications maybe there is something you can say to create a shift for you!
Please let me know how it unfolds for you! Blessings to you :)


Thank you dear :) I'll try to talk to him in a nice way even though I'm having the attitude :)

If you think of having an attitude as just an energy that is pent up. Try looking for a way to express it in a way that is positive or uplifting for you. For me when I'm upset and I can catch it early enough in the process (this takes work) I start washing the dishes. I scrub and scrub that energy out of my body and put it into something that serves me and my house for good! If the dishes are already done I clean the oven or that dreaded junk drawer. Once the anger or frustration passes I have something of value to show for it. Just a tip for you my dear friend. Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you for the great advice, the problem now is when you are angry about the dishes! Haha but I experienced that, when you get mad and you exercise or use your body in a tiring way, the anger built up in your body will cool down and you will ask yourself why are you even mad. I forgot about this technique thank you for reminding me.