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RE: Late Night Ponder: Approaching Life as Vibration

in #spirituality4 years ago

That blinking exercise is very interesting, I just tried that just there, it does actually force you to re-focus your mind and thoughts, I will try that some more, thanks for that :-)

Looking for the good in everything is definitely good for certain, I think that is very much the ideology of the creative, to see the good in the biggest darkness, to try to find a way through things, to always see the positive side, interesting points :-)

Feel free if you have time to check out my 2 newest posts that I wrote today, would be good to get your opinion on them :-)

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Had time to check one out, nice post, keep working to see the light and the good in every situation, no matter how bad they appear. Life is a teacher, sometimes the teaching is the opposite of fun.

Glad to be of help!

Thanks for that :-) Yes I agree, life's lessons can certainly be hard at times, I do not mind that to be honest, as long as I can feel that I am moving forward, I guess thats the main thing, most people can handle darkness if they can feel that the light is on the way :-)

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