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RE: Saying Grace IS NOT ALLOWED in Our House

in #spirituality7 years ago

Congratulations on figuring out what works for you and your family! That's great! My husband and I are atheist and it's kind of a bad word in our locale of a small town in Oregon. I mean, we don't really tell people unless it comes up. Not really anyone's business anyway. But your post is great and your teaching the kids acceptance. That's the most important thing!


Yeah its not easy when everyone around us is some sort of christian.. But we teach tolerance and there are plenty of opportunities for them to learn! I consider myself atheist, I can't speak on what my husband labels himself as. It's so nice to hear of other parents that do something similar and that we aren't crazy. Lol

I'm no parent. Bahaha sorry to butt that bubble! :)

It is hard to be "different" that's for sure. But I am happy!

Yeah athiest is a bad word in our community. We were the only family to argue the school for inviting our kids to prayer at the pole then We had a big "save the heathen" bullseye. I tend to be lowkey but @xtdnrymompreneur like to tell people lol


That would be a real tough circumstance I hope you guys write more about.

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