How much do you really want success?

We at Eternal Success, ask you to think seriously, how much do you really want success?

Are you willing to sacrifice, to obtain the success, and results you desire, in life?

Are you willing to put everything on the line, to obtain, the quality of life, you want?

Are you willing to risk, the possibility you might get hurt, or injured, or in rare cases die (unknown allergies, injuries – caused by accidents, being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, Etc..) to get what you want?

Are you willing to risk, losing friends, family, and the life you know, to obtain something far better?

There have been times on my way, up the ladder of success, where death starred me in the face. One such, near death experience, was when, getting a mole removed, I was given lidocaine. The lidocaine, caused me to suffer, a near-fatal reaction, as my muscles, began to shut down. I also started drifting in, and out of consciousness, though I came too later, I only lived, because a divine intervention occurred, and I was spared death.

Another near death experience occurred, was when, I lost my previous business, my wife, my marriage, my home, and I had to move country at the same time. I, therefore, had to taste temporary defeat, and during this period of May – June 2016.

I tried multiple times, to end my life, and every time, I tried to end my life, I was faced with Archangels, making it very clear, it wasn’t my time to go, yet. The Archangels said, I had something, extremely important, left to do. The Archangels, made it very clear. No matter, what I did, they would not let me die.

The Archangels stated, it was not my time to go, because of my life purpose, they saw ahead of me.

I have since built, a much stronger, quality of life, after trying to end my life, multiple times.

Regardless, as I keep climbing the ladder, to the next level of my life, I have deliberately designed a life, to ensure, no matter what happens, I will always be prosperous, and thrive.

Regardless of what happened before, a better life is possible, and you will achieve it, if your determined enough, to make it happen. I realize you might say, well I have disabilities, Etc.., I am not in any way, mocking your disabilities. Instead, I recognize, you suffer heavily, due to the heavy burdens, you have as a result of the limitations, these disabilities have placed on you. Please, understand, I have a lot of empathy, for you, and for the hardships, you endure.

I too, was given, a medical diagnosis, that still till this day, and likely too by the year 2024, a very important year to me. Doctors, and scientists will still keep saying, this medical condition, cannot be cured.

Thankfully for me, Archangel Michael (who I know as Adam), showed me, step by step, how to overcome, this medical condition. Archangel Michael, from time to time, intervened, to do the work, I could not do, to ensure I was freed of this incurable, medical condition.

Many times, when I went to sleep. I was taken to places in my sleep, and educated on new subjects. I was also shown, events that would occur in my future. Many of the events shown, have come to pass, and have finally occurred. However, some are still yet to occur.

Sure, I understand, that you might be burdened, with epilepsy (not the medical condition, I was diagnosed with), but here are my thoughts to share with you.

Regardless of this diagnosis, you could still overcome fears, trauma, pain, and work to build a much better quality of life. Instead, of focusing on, what you can not do. Focus on what you can do, and grow. Understand that with time, all medical conditions will be solved. Every medical condition, can be cured, just scientists, and doctors, may not have figured out, the correct method, to make the cure, a reality yet. With time, this will happen.

Going back, to how much do you want success? Are you willing to have family, friends, associates, classify you as mad? To classify you as mad, because you defy, the limitations, they call normal, and therefore, advance beyond, anything they thought was possible. This is because you defied their reality, and advance in major ways, that seem science fiction to them?

If you want some inspiration for this:

I recommend the youtube video to view, called, famous failures:

If these people, can defy, the reality of what everyone tells them, can not be done, think, what can you do? What amazing things, will you achieve in your lifetime?

For me, if death is on my path, as a result, of me choosing to keep building, the highest possible, quality of life, I can. Then death is what shall happen, as I die with a smile on my face, knowing I am achieving amazing things. I have already, left an amazing legacy, to the world, I have personally worked to improve the lives, of over 70,000 people for the better, as of writing this blog post, (December 30th, 2018).

I have already inspired, so many people, to go out there, and build a better world for all. I am a one-woman army, knowing as a powerful force of one, I can achieve so much in the world, on my own single-handedly.

The writings, I write, will live on, beyond me. Thus, inspiring, and helping, new generations of people, to achieve the eternal success, they desire, in life.

It is extremely important to me, that you achieve, the results you seek. I do not believe in a world, of limitations, by this I mean, with time, every obstacle will be overcome. Many doctors, and scientists, used to say, the four-minute mile, was impossible, and would never be broken. This was, till someone, got up and said, “I will prove you all wrong”, and was called crazy for it. Yet now, guess who was right? The person who achieved the four-minute mile.

I feel with time, that one day, America, and China, will become friends, and allies. I also believe, that one day, North Korea, and America, will sign a peace treaty, then become allies, (just remember, Germany, and Japan, former foes, of America, are now American Allies). One day, I also believe, America, and Russia, will put aside their differences, and become friends again. One day, I feel the world will become whole again, as theirs no such thing as a timeless enemy.

You can achieve, anything you want, with enough time, dedication, and effort. I did not say the results would come overnight, it can take years to get what you want, but it's better, to work, to get what you want, than to settle for a life of unhappiness, and lack of fulfillment.

I look forward, to the world, becoming whole again. This is because I know with enough, time, dedication, and effort. I can work towards, this goal.

The world, needs more peacemakers. I, therefore, step up to take on this role, no matter what lays ahead. No matter the danger, I decided to follow in the path, of the guy, who I describe as my mentor. This is because the guy's actions, had such a major influence on my life. Who is this guy?

His name, is Dr Martin Luther King,

Dr Martin Luther King, I have a dream speech, inspires me, every single day, to go out and achieve my dreams. Therefore, achieving all my goals, no matter what happened before, I know Dr Martin Luther King, is watching down on us all, and I wish to make him proud.

I therefore, married, In King County, Washington State, USA, previously, though I am now divorced, my next marriage will occur, in King County, Washington State, USA.

Thank you, Dr Martin Luther King, for the great things, you have done for me, the joy you have brought me, is life changing.

What level of eternal success, will you create? What will be your legacy?

The Decisions you make, the path you take, the outcome, that occurs, is up to you. I hope, you make the choices, that take you, step by step, closer to your dreams.

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