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The Artistry of Love

I see the sun is shining and the leaves will soon be showing their many colors of beauty. This is a new day that offers hope and promise. This day is a gift brought to you by your creator. May you be blessed and know that you are loved. The one who made you is in your corner. He has your back as you move forward. Embrace the new day and bring rays of sunshine to those you meet. May the son of God shine in you as you warm the hearts and lives of others today. May you color the world with the artistry of God's love. AMEN.

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Thanks for reading Feel free to comment, upvote or resteem. Blessings - Troy

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This really is beautiful


Thank you. Have a blessed day my friend and color the the tapestry of your world.

Nature is indeed a testament of the higher powers at play. It's so reassuring how everything seems to be fitting in the right place, like we know we belong in this world that we live in. Beautifully written, my friend!


Indeed you are right thank you so much

Thanks for a very positive challenge.




You are most welcome my dear friend @creatr

Thank you for the uplifting post, may the Son of God bless all Christians with peace, wisdom, and contentment.


You have a blessed day as well my friend. Thanks

This is such beautiful writing Troy, you have been blessed with such talent, and your glorifying God with it, I’m so happy to see it❣️😍😘🤗


God bless you my friend Deb