Reading Will Save Your Mind - How Passive Media Entertainments Devolve Our Brains

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From television to Youtube and Netflix, to Hollywood film and mass media, we cannot escape motion picture entertainment. And so like anything you ingest physically, it is good to know what happens when you ingest things psychically. The science is easy to understand and there is something we can do in order to slow or nullify the rate of mental regression.

What separates men from apes is our well developed forebrain. This gives us tremendous mental advantages over our evolutionary cousins. We have the ability to critically engage our environments as well as plan for the future and reflect on the past. We can delve deep into creative processes and imagine great things.

It is to the advantage of those who wish to control people to keep them in a lower operating state mentally. The ideal sheep is reactionary, with little to no critical thought. TV watchers over the years become perfect sheep, consuming like madmen, triggered easily by fear propaganda, believing everything mass media created "authorities " tell them. They dont challenge any of it. They are propelled into belief and action through their lower Limbic Brain which is highly emotionally driven.

Thats right! Our brains are psychically and physically altered over time by passive screen entertainments

When one sits in front of a screen ingesting electronic hallucinations of reality, within minutes, depending on how strong the pysche, they are lulled into Alpha Brainwave state, a state that essentially turns the person into a receiver, allowing the media to write directly on to their subconscious.

Those who indulge in a lot of motion picture entertainments and rarely read, do not have strong forebrains, and this forebrain acts as a critical filter for the sensory information we receive. Reading strengthens the forebrain, which is great practice to offset the negative effects of motion picture media that we passively ingest. It makes us better bullshit detectors as well, as the mainstream media and Hollywood are full of propaganda.

The following short clip shows exactly how passive motion picture entertainment weakens and exposes us.

In these modern times, we are all going to indulge in at least some film and shows, but it is important that we spend some time doing things like reading, solving puzzles and doing other exercises that strengthen the neo-corticular faculties.

The liberal artistry in modern productions from "news" to cinema, contain much occult science, from color and sound manipulation, to lighting, to logical fallacies hidden in masterful rhetoric, that with with the continued drop in literacy due to "education" and increased passive entertainments, the power over our minds just keep increasing, as our mental abilities regress to that of monkeys.

The following .gif image I made before my hair became insane, illustrates forebrain activity; not typical when one is in an hypnotic Alpha Brainwave state receiving electronic hallucinations.

When we scan plain text characters, they turn into dream characters and landscapes, as well as our own creations. It takes a person with imagination to do that.

The main reason why people dont read anymore is because they are being bred through "education", food and social life to become increasingly illiterate, and where does that leave them? Well, they must consume the imaginations of others, dumbed down to the lowest common denominator entertainment via passive screen media.

Their dreams are replaced with the creations of others, with increasing ill-morality, consumerism and idol worship sprinkled into the mass productions, and thus, a collective based, predictable and easily herded subconscious grows.

Most people think because they can close their eyes and see images, that it is true creative imagination, but all it really is, is the replaying of downloaded images, artificial dream imagery, and this is what guides their lives without them even knowing.

Read books and increase your knowledge and creative imaginations.

It increases the brains operating frequency, and thus the new brain faculties of the Neocortex. It increases not only imagination, but critical thought.

Reading even a terribly written book about nonsense beats almost anything you can find on TV. It exercises the brain, increasing forebrain faculty.


With love,

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Awesome post friend! Elites just want us to be asleep !! As in the "They Live" movie, they are able to control our minds and make our critical thinking capacity diminished. Reading books is one of the things that most awakens our creative ability. I love philosophy, psychology, and conspiracy, and for years, I consider myself a person who is awake and capable of anything I set out to do. Greetings friends !!

Great post. I really like this description of TV:

electronic hallucinations

I was never a big TV watcher but since I signed up to the I have dramatically reduced my TV watching to only a few hours a week. I definitely have noticed a difference in my ability to think more clearly.

when I was younger I saw a discarded TV on the side of the street once and on it someone had written TV made ma' brain small. That was the start of my realization that TV is 99% crap.

Thanks for your post. Upvoted.


Thank you, but I actually got "electronic hallucinations" from Chris Hedges

Seriously wonderful call to arms for books. I work in a book store, so naturally I'm biased, but it still blows my mind to see people who only come in and shop the movies (we also sell media). Like...there are 100,000 things in here that will expand your mind, most of which are priced under $8, many under $5, but all you want is a $2 copy of "Blade Trinity" or a $3 season of "Seinfeld"?

I mean, really?

We've got gorgeous art books, thrilling works of fiction, hundreds of poetry compilations, books on learning other languages, books in other languages, classic literature, books on self-improvement, books on history, books on religion, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, sociology, science, nature, mathematics, engineering, architecture, technology...a huge selection of fine bindings and out-of-print material, but you're only interested in a copy of the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake?

Has ignorance always been worn on one's sleeve like a badge, or is it a recent development?

What the hell is wrong with us.

I diligently read this whole post, thanks for writing it. I look forward to more of your content in the future.

This strikes home with me bigtime, I've noticed the decline in my ability to process written information over the last few years, as streaming media has become pervasive in my life.

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Great article. In addition to useless entertainment, I would avoid the TV and the news at all costs. The news is just the dissemination of misinformation on a minute by minute basis. Read in a quite surrounding and give yourself time to contemplate what you have read. That will give your brain a chance to make connections, see relations and find patterns. No wonder we don't have ground breaking theories like the 'Theory of Relativity' as we no longer take time to imagine and lost the patience to contemplate...

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"The following short clip shows exactly how passive motion picture entertainment weakens and exposes us." I didnt watch it as I was enjoying reading your article. Thanks for posting.

I love reading but I also occasionally wacth Kdramas. Is that okay? :)

Film, TV, Video gives many people the false sensation that they have experienced an event, making them an eyewitness or participant. Thus we see the phenomenon of the armchair/computer screen activist. Click "like" or "sign" a petition and they have "changed the world"... NOT!


Follow and upvote

The past few years we only turn the TV on for few selected movies and that's all. Contrary to what you might expect, now I've become even more picky with what I watch. Like the brain says - so you put the Tv on just to watch this crap?

Excellent publication @docdelux with important information and very interesting.

I was just contemplating this! Was starting to feel depressed and noticed a negative feedback look with spending too much time on screens--specifically the little phone screen that gets held up to my nose. Reading a physical book for just half an hour reactivates the higher functions--you can feel it!

So who is it exactly that wants humanity dumbed down? The why isn't important to me at this time, and please feel free to speculate although I trust logic and reason (amap)would guide you in such an endeavor.......

Reading is superior to TV watching because it requires the brain to work on a higher level. Movies and TV serve us an easy to consume dose of someone elses imagination, while reading, even what someone else has imagined, requires that you do your own imagining.

When we watch a movie, we all see the same basic thing. When we read a book, we have all in essence read a different book.

When I procrastinate or don't want to work or write, I turn on a TV show and "space out". I can't space while reading a book. It requires thinking, not the suppression of thought.

Love the post!!

You, my friend, is why Steemit was created!

Great post. A lot of this points were also made in the great book "Amusing Ourselves To Death". Not only that, but I think I lost a few IQ points watching episode 6 of Game Of Thrones ...

This is a very interesting study! I'm glad I read it. I made a video about your favorite novel dystopia, I would be glad if you appreciate it!

I love this post! Thanks for sharing these facts with us.

We gave our TV away....haven't missed it one bit! Another insightful and much needed article!

Thats very interesting. I might start putting little puzzles out here now :) thanks for he post.