Who is Sevan Bomar... Spiritual Prodigy? (with video)

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Sevan Bomar was the first universal spiritual teacher/friend I ever really encountered, and really still the only one I pay close attention to. I have no reason to do otherwise, literally every single time he puts out a new video or podcast it is exactly what I need to hear in that present moment. He releases the kind of truths that you feel deep within your whole essence. Whether it is completely new information, something I already knew of but needed to review, or just the proper inertia I had been needing to actually act on certain opportunities. I have been gaining deep levels of esoteric knowledge via his channels for about 5 years now.

There are many pathways I had the courage to go down, thanks partially to my brother Sevan. ay too many to things to list actually, he covers a vast array of subjects, the man has no bounds and was born to do what he is doing. There is one thing for sure that happened 3 months ago while learning from him, it caused me to believe in and put my energy into the expanse that is the world of crypto and the like. If I had not watched his Metaphysics of Cryptocurrency video, I would not be where I am now. I had briefly heard of the topic before watching him speak on it, but I just hadn't made a move yet due to my indecisiveness and lack of having somebody I trust vouch for it. It was a good thing that I listened to his breakdown, so much has came from it. For instance I would not have ever joined Steemit if it weren't for that video, it put me on the path that lead to this platform and much more as well. Hopefully Sevan will start posting on here eventually, he would be such a great addition to the community.


Sevan deserves hundreds of paragraphs in this blog. I could type and tell you all of the wonderful things I have learned from my coexistence with Sevan, although not in the physical realm thus far. Despite the fact I believe hearing him speak about his own experiences is where you will gain the most. So I leave you with the below video, which is his newest release (Feb. 9th, 2018). It is the perfect summary for who he is and what he provides to humanity. If you have the time to listen for the full hour, I can assure you that it will be worth your time :

Modern day spiritualist Sevan Bomar recounts some of his childhood leading up to present day and how he was naturally inclined to be a spiritual savant.


You can connect with Sevan on :
YouTube : Innerstanding, SecretEnergy.com, or Spiritechs.com




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