Is There An Ultimate Truth? What Is False?

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If you follow what I do here, you probably notice that I've been talking a lot about paradox and transcending black and white thinking.

I've been thinking: "is there such a thing as ultimate truth?", as truth and facts line of thinking is becoming farther and farther away.

I remember hearing Mark Passio say that we live in this very confused, woo woo new age bullshit world because people have become so Solipsistic in their way of being. People have become so dim and confused and believe in "their truth." But there is, he said, of course, an ultimate truth. It seemed SO true at the time. Maybe that's because it is. But it's also not, too. Stay with me.

Each of us hold and are part of the truth. In other words, what I believe is "true" because it exists, and I am part of All-That-Is. Likewise, everything you are is therefore "true."

Are you following me?

All of us are part of ultimate truth.

If I believe something, it exists because I carry it out. I create it into the world.

Everything is not so finite and physical as most people believe and practice. We are energy and vibration. Thought forms are things. Energy is extremely flow-y. It's always in a state of becoming and expanding.

People get really, really worked up about this. Physical beings are so much inclined to need something to hold on to - a sense of security and safety and knowing. Facts give that to people. And people try to create facts out of everything. That's kind of what this planet is all about. Although it is becoming less and less so.

So let's explore this.

Truth isn't "real." We are all aspects of truth. You exist, and therefore you are truth. Your computer monitor is purple. Is it? No, it's black. But what is black? A human made construct. Now, a human made construct certainly exists- immensely so. Human concepts have extreme power. You pick these things up along the way and you label them and you categorize them and you put them into boxes. Essentially, very much of your human experience is labeling things and differentiating things and picking things apart from the whole and putting them into little boxes like "black" and "white", and "purple. But what if purple is true for somebody? What if what someone sees when they look at your computer monitor looks more like what you would call purple? You can use this same line of thinking and apply it to everything from colors and whether a food tastes good or bad, and even politics.

Some foods taste good to others. Let's take peas. You love peas; your friend hates them. Is your friend wrong? Are you wrong? No, you are both aspects of what is true. And you may say that this applies to things like food - unimportant things like how things taste because that doesn't influence others or influence the whole. But it does. Everything does. You have to understand that every thought you think and every single thing you do every single millisecond is expand All-That-Is. It is vitally important that you understand that all of you are universes unto yourselves experiencing life dramatically differently. It is true that you share somewhat of an agreed upon "reality." You call things "peas" and "purple" so that you can all expand and bounce off each other. Words are extremely useful to you. But you underestimate how much you are truly a universe unto yourself and how everything you are is therefore true. Your thoughts are things that exist. Not tangible things, but physical "reality" is oh so much a tiny, tiny aspect of what exists. Non-physical is SO much more.

It's all about expansion. Source is all about being everything it can be. It's about potential. If there's an idea, then it is. An idea is Source expanding. An inkling is Source expanding. An idea is a thing so much more than whether you bring it to physical manifestation or not. Because it will always exist. Source has now become that. And that's what Source wants to do is expand and expand and expand. And it will always expand infinitely. And you're part and parcel of that. And so am I. You're an idea that Source had and expanded into. You are true.

Humans love true and false. It creates a sense of safety in the world. But you don't need that safety. Your safety is in knowing that you are Source. Now THAT is true. And no one will ever be able to take this away - that truth is you are Source energy, and everything is Source energy, and everything exists and therefore is true.

This is part of thinking bigger. This is part of expanding outside of the limited vision of the very dense physical world. Once you start to understand energy and that what you ARE is energy vastly and a teeny, teeny, tiny bit physical, then you can start to expand out of these limiting - though useful for expansion - human created concepts. Human created concepts are wonderful as a starting off point, but it is oh so much more satisfying to recognize that you are Source energy and that you have the power to create from energy because that's what you are. A mere thought is your creation. But it is not mere. Creating something in the physical is just icing on the cake. Thought forms and ideas and ways of being and expanding is the grand event. That's what you came for, and that's what you ARE. Source just wants to expand. That is truth.

Perhaps "true" and "false" are extremely limited concepts. Maybe it's more "does it exist?" But the moment you think it, then it is because it now exists.

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it is great that you pointed out that we are really all about energy. In Hindu philosophy, there is an aspect of thought that all manifestations are merely reflections. energy exists and we are manifested from it. in such a context, truth/falsity are merely facts of the manifestation. they cannot exist independently. this is why in order to seek truth, you must shy away from it. what you actually need is inside of you and requires no explanation


Very well said. Thank you for adding this.