What Lucifers Decision to Rule The Earth Has To Do With World Of Warcraft

The flight into Egypt, the flight into virtual worlds like World Of Warcraft, the decision of Lucifer to rule the earth they all have in common that they are results of an attempt to flee and avoid negative emotions that come along a certain situation. The mechanism of distraction is the backbone of the entertainment and alcohol industry. Think about the coincidence that the luciferian doctrine (https://archive.org/details/The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf) is full of comparisons of a "highest" karma state similar to be a god of your own with the state of being drunk and feel well. In fact lucifer writes in his luciferian doctrine on his own that the 4 dimensional spiritual realm is separated from the 3 dimensional world because God has a realm of his own and created a realm for Lucifer to flee to - the realm where humans exist. That way Lucifer was able to flee into this realm to rule the earth and avoid his negative feelings that come along with the fact that God is the leader of all and he is not. The secret that nobody knows is that there was a coach in the spiritual realm who proposed this separation of realms to God to help him solve the problem of an endless spiritual fight on the wish of every spirit to become God and rule. It is that coach who coaches God as well as Lucifer, he is a sufferer, he is amazing and the only person and human Lucifer bowed himself to. However this coach is unknown to the 3 dimensional world, but highly known in the spiritual world. The secret to hide his true importance to the 3 dimensional world helps to fulfill the role of a coach as a coach needs to keep his distance and does systemic intervention if necessary.

There is an alternative to the usual 3 methods to handle negative emotions (suppression, expression, flight) which is to allow the emotions to stay and investigate these emotions. By keeping the emotions the negative energy can slowly decrease and the emotions might change to positive emotions as positive aspects of the situation come along.


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