Let Me Tell You About The New Age When The Administration of God YahWeh Changes To The Administration Of The Egyptian Child

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Before you read this it is important to understand what New Age is all about. The new age knowledge that spreads around this planet is all about a time period when the administration of God YahWeh changes to the administration of the egyptian child the egyptian gods wrote all about in their writings on their stones. The vision of this egyptian child is foretold by the egyptian gods as forbidden knowledge because we have to wait for the new age and the change of the administration of God YahWeh to the egyptian child. This change is planned to happen after the 1000 years millenia of Jesus reign on planet earth. Now that you know that the knowledge of all the magic and tarot cards is currently forbidden by the current administrator of God YahWeh I want to tell you how the new age will look like, what it will be all about and why I have the greatest respect to the great stories YahWeh told. You will recognize the difference to the administration of the egyptian child who will be allowed to introduce his new age after YahWeh closes his book of the bible and participate in that new age.

You can see the egyptian child in the following picture all over the naked woman of nut.

Source: The Gods of the Egyptians Vol. II, colour plate facing page 96, Date 1904, Author: E. A. Wallis Budge

Have you ever played world of warcraft? It is an amazing story and an amazing creation of a world. Through the glasses of prevision the egyptian child saw this game along many other computer games and he liked the entertainment so much that he decided to apply this to a new story and a new book after the book of the bible is finished. In fact our entire world works according to a holographic projector which can be proofed with the tesla magnetic wall experiment. However I propose not to try this experiment to separate a hand from a body and merge it together again in this current age of the rulership of YahWeh. This is because YahWeh will destroy you and you will receive damnation for using it in the wrong age. In the new age after the 1000 years reign of Jesus the holographic lens that projects into your brain will be used to play these games in a human body or bird or whatever you choose for your role in the story. So what people already develop here on earth with the holographic glasses that are connected to a computer is similar for people who want to be entertained already in the current age. God won't punish you for using it in a computer game in another world already in the current age. Thus you are allowed to flee into these computer games but you are not allowed to use magic and all the other new age knowledge in the current age with your real body.

As we will shift towards the age of the reign by the egyptian child we will be able to choose for a realm to participate in a story. Like many people prefer a realm of world of warcraft you can choose for that and decide to become a mage, a priest to heal or all the other nice ideas that people already have to tell great stories. I hope that the complete conciousness and the computing power is sufficient to have many realms in the spiritual world so that souls who dislike world of warcraft can also play a peaceful story. If you dislike your current realm the role and body (human, bird, etc.) you choosed for you can try to leave your realm with prayer to the egyptian child and choose for another realm or you can simply die in your current realm.

Now what you have to decide in the new age on your own is how much reality you want to have. You can either choose for a holographic view where there will be no pain if you get hurt or if you dare to use the real physical body in a realm of world of warcraft you can do that as well and you will feel the pain when you get hurt. I assume that people will feel the boring side of having a realm where there is only peace and nature as many people decide to buy already computer games like world of warcraft, world of tanks, world of warships and so on. The decision is up to you of cause. Everyone will be his own god and decide how to participate in the story. Enjoyment and entertainment will be to the fullest and the bravest ones will decide to participate with a real body with all the sorrow, pain, full enjoyment like it is as a human in this current world but with an amazing world full of magic and prevision.

Now that you know how the new age and the administration of the egyptian child will look like you can have great respect to God's creation and respect his current administration as this new age is about to begin in 1000 years after the reign of Jesus. Don't be the fool and mix it up! If you feel boring play the new age on your computer. However there will be one person who is called the Antichrist in the bible who decides to break the rule that the administration is currently in the hand of YahWeh. He will use all the magic and power of the new age in the current realm which is a big mistake in my eyes.


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