God's Creepy Way To Deal With The World Which Is a Dead Body And Lucifer

in #spirituality4 years ago (edited)

God wants to establish an earthly kingdom for Jesus. This is spiritual justice for Jesus as he suffered and died on the cross. People have no idea how that should work, however they currently see all things happening according to God's plan described in the bible. The only thing missing is the temple in Jerusalem and the fall of babylon.

You might ask how that should work to deal with the dead body of our world especially as Lucifer is the leader of this world. You should know that Lucifer is the king of the serpents and that rising the kundalini serpent energy is a way to bring the serpent of your own body all the way up to the kether (crown chakra) to help the serpent send a message to God and receive advices from God. God protects himself with a kerubim and seraphim from the serpents when they rise up to the kether. The serpent is the root of a human's own force and deals with all programs running on earth as well as the energy of emotions.

There are several attempts by God to deal with the situation here on earth and establish the earthly kingdom.

  • Aliens - Problem: Aliens are mostly not accepted as they are not one of us (different race).
  • Humans: Accepted but week
  • Humans with powerful serpents also called reptilian people: These people are feared
  • Spiritual humans mislead by religions with powerful serpent and good or bad heart -> Could work but could also become a religious terrorist
  • Spiritual humans with powerful serpent and good heart controlled by the CIA to avoid terrorists influenced by freemasons: Kings Way

Think of it on your own.


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