Where is my mind

in #spirituality4 years ago (edited)

I woke up in the middle of the day, still tired, and unprepared for a shocking start. Next to me lay a severed head with a smile made of sharp pointy teeth. It appeared like an apparition, with grey skin and demonic eyes.

Not today, I thought to myself.

I rolled over an went back to sleep.IMG_5380.JPG


What an image. Thanks for sharing

steemit isn't letting me upload any right now

is that you? this reminds me of the egyptians

Yes. This is what I looked like a couple of months ago when my hair was black. And long.

The suspense is pretty high. Please what happened next?

I woke up and found a therapist so I could stop seeing dead people. Spoiler alert, I no longer see dead people. Though I'm not sure that particular therapist had anything to do with it.

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Nice look!!!
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