Prayer to all directions

in spirituality •  4 months ago

"To the East: to the new day,
to the Light Within/Without.
To golden eagle. To illumination.
East, Gate of the Morning,
thank you for the moving airs,
for the awakening of life.
May my eyes lift to see the freedom of the birds.
May my thoughts be in awareness of the gifts of each moment.
To the East: I call for your power and spirit to come in."

"To the South: to Trust and innocence. To the Little Mouse.
To white tailed deer, to the good road home.
South, sacred fire of creativity, I seek your vitality in healthy alliance.
Thank you for the teachings of relationship;
for music, dance and art, those things that carry joy and communion.
I pray that my life may unfold in harmony with my kin in all realms.
To the South: I call for your power and spirit to come in."

"To the West: to the Dark Waters of Looking Within.
To black bear, brown bear, to raven. To the medicine path.
West, power of places between the worlds,
I turn to you seeking passage into the depths of knowing and unknowing.
Thank you for the lightening and the cleansing rain,
for those things that teach compassion and nourish understanding.
Thank you panther, for the medicine of solitude and the silent stalking for truth.
To the West: I call for your power and spirit to come in."

"To the North: Home of the old ones and those gone by.
To the wisdom place, place of White Buffalo and Snow Leopard, Moose and Beaver.
North, Spirit’s mountaintop, I turn to you for wisdom.
In the place free of shadow I seek perspective and a path of service.
Thank you for the gifts of lodge and sustenance.
I pray to live upon this gracious earth with remembrance of gratitude
and with respect for my elders in all realms.
To the North: I call for your power and spirit to come in."

"To Mother Earth, enfolding all beings with the beauty of compassion,
nurturance creativity and peace.
Hear my prayer for the two-leggeds and the four leggeds,
for those who fly and crawl and swim and walk and run,
for all children of the Mother."

"To Father Sky, encircling all beings with the light of protection,
warmth, clarity and vision. Hear my prayer and grant me the courage
to bring the radiance of my true Self out into the world,
and the humility and self-esteem to foster the radiance of others."

"To that place within my being where the 6 directions meet.
May I live today from this center of wholeness and balance."
"Thank you for this day. Thank you for this opportunity to serve. "
"Great Spirit, hear me. This one calls to you."


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