Help Your Pineal Gland and Live Happy-Ever-After

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If there is any part of a human body that needs our attention right now, it is our pineal gland.

Pineal gland is a small, pinecone-shaped endocrine organ hiding in the human brain. It is producing serotonin - a neurotransmitter that is responsible for our feeling HAPPY and ELATED. IT is also known as a third eye.
When unblocked and activated, it gives us a feeling of connectedness to everything that IS, allowing us to experience what has been called BLISS.
Pineal gland has been called the "seat of the SOUL."
That is where our perception of reality is formed, that is where the invisible connects to the visible, material connects to spiritual.

The state of our pineal gland determines how we "see" reality and how we feel about this thing called a human life.


Our third eye - pineal gland has been targeted for a long time - fluorided water, chemicalized foods and beauty care that dumb us down, poisonous substances sprayed and injected, medical drugs, etc.
It is the pineal gland that pays the price for it all, as it absorbs most of the chemicals that enter our bodies.

So.. to put this short and clear - the system did all it could to shut down our star gate, to keep humanity in a state of slavery and ignorance.
The best news though is this - humanity is awakening in spite of it all.
We are moving to the next level of human evolution,
our collective consciousness is shifting, we are experiencing more and more of those "aha" moments, and we begin to see through the veil with more clarity than ever!

How To help our Pineal Gland:

  • Avoid Toxins and chemicals, stay away from junk food and sodas.
  • Get some sun on a regular basis.
  • Detox often.
  • Meditate and do Yoga.
  • Move.
  • Hang out with Nature and crystals.
  • Get away from the blue light (computer and cell phone screens) as often as you can.
  • Ingest substances that self-illuminate (not dumb down): spirulina/chlorella, tamarind, unrefined cacao, turmeric, cilantro, raw coconut oil, beetroot, oregano oil, iodine, to mention just a few.
  • Stay focused on what is SELF!

Once You experience reality with your pineal gland activated - You will know stuff that no one ever can put in words, You will feel with every fiber of your being the true meaning of being alive at times like this, You will be empowered, and You will feel love towards everything that IS.
You will reach your highest potential.
With your very presence You will illuminate this world!

Anna Suvorova
Health/Yoga Educator.
Author. Dreamer of a better world for all

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