Wake up: fantasy and sci-fi works are downloads of Universal realities

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There seems to be a common thread of themes spiritually awakening people start developing an interest for, among which also is Alien Disclosure. Even though Alien Disclosure is taking place slowely but steadily on a collective level at the perfect pace, I feel the the topic around fantasy and sci-fi work goes tremendously low-key.

Nothing we are ever doing, thinking or imagining is disconnected from the Universe.

Imagination is synonymous with telepathic reception. Instantly drawing information from another place or Soul anywhere in the Universe into our current energy field. Quantum communication that is not confined to the Illusion of Time and Space.

Game designers or movie creators or book authors are doing just that: downloading information from other realties and translate them into Earth Human understanding, enabled through memories these Souls have gathered in the wake of experiences in that particular reality.


Within infinite Universes and realities, each with infinite different timelines, it is all about probabilities.

Having said that, when we as we stand here right now have an outright crazy idea of which we say "I would never do that!", then this is just indicating that as the version we experience ourselves as at this moment this idea is vibrationally not aligned with us, therefore the probability of us acting in that direction is very low. This doesn't mean that a corresponding timeline doesn't exist, it merely means that the according timeline is vibrationally so far away from our current timeline that our mind, which easily relies on our five physical senses, is not able to conceive the "bridging points" between those highly different timelines. But regardless, there is another version of "I" who is right now as we speak experiencing this very timeline, and odds are that this other version of "I" considers my current, higher vibrational existence as much, if not much more, to be highly impossible. Hence, all of this applies to our experience of time as well as space.

Many people, whether spiritually inclined or not, dismiss computer games, Walt Disney movies or movies in general, as being mind controlling, manipulative, fictive and generally "3D Matrix creations".

So I feel some balance is necessary here by saying that these "fantasy" and "sci-fi" creations are neutral and meaningless themselves. As always, it is up to each which perspective on and relationship we share with the creation. We can also perceive these creations as mind expanding, freeing, real and the door to 5D reuniversalization. All perspectives are equally valid as we wish to experience ourselves right now, and depending on our choice doors will open which substantiate this choice.

The only aspect that DOES influence our choice of perspective is how deeply entrenched a certain kind of perspective, hence belief system, is among the collective consciousness. For the more something is considered as the norm the less likely will we question that part of the puzzle.

Yet I dare say that categorically neglecting the mere possibility of these pieces of work being real Universal stories within the infinite Universes, implies that our Human aspect does not want to confront that part of Soul growth yet.

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Yeah there is definitely more to much ‘fiction’ than is apparent... only for those that choose to engage on those ‘deeper’ (or ‘higher’, whichever metaphor you prefer) levels.

Sometimes it’s easier to put across an idea in a ‘fantasy’ world, because then there is no claim to ‘truth’.... because “it’s just fiction”...

...but we know better... 😉

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Exactly. We are constantly linking with the entire Universe, it is just about whether we are aware of it or not. We are so often searching for evidence on the outside but don't find any. Yet the reason we don't find on the outside is not that it's not there, but that we haven't yet undergone the perceptual shifts within that would allow us to look and perceive differently. Once happening, we will gradually realise that the evidence has always been there but it was our conditioned beliefs that blindfolded us to see that which has been in front of our nose all the time.

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