Pleiadian assistance in birthmark removal

in spirituality •  6 months ago

As I wrote in a recent article, the Twin Flame journey has wrecked quite some havoc on my bodily health.

More specifically, the root cause of all difficulties we have gone through was my TF's female contractor's malign Intention toward me, which literally manifested itself into my body in form of tiny black dots in the middle of a birthmark I have been having ever since my early childhood on my upper right arm (carcinogenic? The doctor said it's alright, but I didn't believe that because my dream state has clearly hinted me at the inadequacy of the birthmark since especially since July this year).

As I was able to delve ever more into this root cause, hence cleared out this malign enery and have been gradually redirecting it back to its source, I noticed how the size of very same birthmark has incrementally shrunk, now being about 65% compared to the orginal size (ca. 0.5cm).

More so, I have been assissted by Pleiadians in the dream state who uttered Light language codes into my birthmark, and what I now noticed is that an X has been cut into my birthmark, exactly like the Operator Symbol. With every single act of mine which got me deeper into the root cause, the X has become more pronounced. In the exact middle of the circle, the root of the X, is where the root of the tiny black dots is. There are also other cuts engraved into the birthmark, so I guess it is only a matter of days until it will crumble into pieces...

You could say, every single act of mine which addressed the root cause dissipated a part of the malign energy in the birthmark and sent it back to its source. You could say that it is also a part of unexpressed anger which accumulated and is now being released in a discerning way without judgement.

Much Love,


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