Love doesn't deserve meaning

in spirituality •  5 months ago


Love in its deepest sense is the ultimate Freedom we have to eternally create endless expressions of the Light we are.

Thinking itself is an act of Separation. Thus, whenever we try to specifically define Love, we give it a reality it doesn't derserve.

Should we even attempt to label Love then it can only be:


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Very beautiful flower!!!

How did love come about?


Haha, I don't know anything. It is just a feeling state. I stick with the All and Nothing principle. Since there is actually nothing, this nothing is all there is. Hence, the Nothingness expresses itself in infinite forms.

What do I know? :)

Love is something that happens naturally, I would like to share with you 2 articles I have write so far regarding love :)

Today’s lesson: Why do we feel love? What is its origin?

Love, affection, and their impact in our lives

I hope you have the time to read them, they might be of interest to you.

Cheers mate.


I'll check them ou later, thanks a lot :)