Flow with the Universal splendor

in spirituality •  6 months ago

Everything in the Universe is constantly shifting. Never stagnant.

Most people fear 'death' but to me the mere idea of never being able to explore any other beautiful places in the Universe is by far more unbearable. How terrible it would be if everything and everyone I truly love slowely but surely flows out of my reality experience while I remain perpetually stuck in my physical Earth Body...

Most people fear engaging in deep Soul connections with others because Earth dogma has taught them that no matter how authentic the mutual Love is, hurt will be inevitable once physical "death" strikes.

HOW Beautiful is it really that the Awakening taking hold on Earth right now opens the door to Universal consciousness allowing for the remembrance of our Soul connections throughout lifetimes so that fairy tale Love can be experienced once again on Earth without the fear of losing each other ever...

Being happy that we had beautiful experiences without letting the melancholic drag to the past consume the splendid magic awaiting us beyond lifetimes, TOGETHER WITH our loved ones in full Awareness.

There is only this moment. Past and future are thought constructs. We can talk and think about tomorrow but when it is there it is Now.

The more we surrender to the natural flow of things without resisting change within, and therefore without, the more we receive and perceive the splendid Perfection of life's course.

Happy surrender,


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Happy surrender 👈❤

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