Disconnected from the Universe? Rethink

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The patterns evoked on Earth as a result of the Universally flowing energies’ influences go as follows: The more popular a certain fantasy and science-fiction work becomes on Earth among broader proportions of people, the higher the likelihood that a corresponding amount of Souls had past lives or will have future lives in this particular reality in the Universe, as the interest in certain themes and disinterest in others doesn’t arise out of the blue but from a Soul’s past and future history within the Time-Space continuum.

As such, when we call book authors, moviemakers or computer game producers "story creators", they actually are story receivers, channeling the energy of events and experiences that took or will take place (multidimensionally speaking they are already taking place right now) on a specific timeline either on Earth, a parallel Earth, or elsewhere in the Universe. Naturally, what somebody is capable of receiving depends on their own Soul's past and future Universal history. Being aware of this or not does not matter: we are all doing it non-stop.

The entire process of imagination is based on Quantum communication with the Universe, an instant exchange of information without the limitations of time and space.

Therefore, whether we feel fully isolated from or fully connected to the Universe solely depends on our perception and perspective.

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So why cant the universe give us some Info to rebuilt this crappy system?


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Because humans choose so. Giving away one's power is as much a choice as taking it back. But at least more and more are waking up to their power to choose and instigate a fundamental shake-up. ;)

Fully with you @alexaventuria - How we perceive self and others depend on the state of our own mind.

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