The illusion of Time

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Time itself is an illusion, a thought-made construct.

We can think(!) about past and future but when we stop thinking we realize that there is only this moment.

What adds on to our illusion of there being a past and future, however, is the fact that we tend to transfer old, outdated thought patterns into the present moment, which shuts close new, more healthy thoughts. Exactly the same old thought pattern we naturally transfer onto our future as well so that we are literally making ourselves dependent on and identify with our thoughts.

So what do? The opposite to thought is mental Silence. Thinking is an act of Doing, mental Silence is an act of Being. Many people fear mental Silence, for it is seems as surrendering, unproductive and lazy. But what happens really when we stop thinking? We won't stop being, as many assume in their fear but we stop being our thoughts and identifying with our thought-made Self, allowing in more inner Peace by gradually reconnecting with our Heart.

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I think time doesn´t really exist, because it´s not here. Living the moment is the best to live. But the modern system captive us in the time. We have to work fast as robotors, so we have hardly time for life. So time seems to run away.


Yeah, that's the paradoxon. Those who feel like time is scarce are the ones who waste it most. Really like sleepwalkers who are not seeing sense..


It´s all a matter of attitude. Right, if you permanently chase the time, you will never have time. It´s so easy. To live your life timelessly is the way we should do. We all have a biological clock in our body, so we don´t need all the stuff around us (like watches). Enjoy the moment and be happy :-)

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Great observations. Being able to settle into the timelessness of the present moment is to me one of the greatest benefits of living in nature. Nature is just automatically like that. Trees exist in timelessness. The more we allow ourselves to be attuned to them, the more we normalize our own experience of this truth.


Exactly. I too notice that big time whenever I am able to fully detach from crowds and people/family and give myself real alone time. Whenever I am exposed to some kind of energetic stress field being emanated from people I cannot help but absorb this stress to some extend, reflecting itself in shape of thoughts that take me away from the present moment. When we are under such circumstances for too long, we might start believing that these are our own thoughts. But once we liberate ourselves from these stress fields, after some time we notice (under the premise that we are doing our inner work)that we are getting back into our natural state of silence, peace and presence.