How to Join the AAKOM Community (April 2018)

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AAKOM is currently a sub-project within MAP, so the method for joining is exactly the same.

This update is necessary because ChainBB has closed down and we were using our dedicated forum to process signup requests. The instructions below have not changed very much but they obviously no longer require signing into the forum.

Let's go through the process in the simplest way possible! But first...

The benefits of joining AAKOM

= membership of our private Discord chatroom

= new members shall receive upvotes from our community accounts (currently from @rycharde)

= you may use the #aakom tag for visibility

= your articles are eligible to be included in our curated content posts

= your articles are also eligible to be included in our curated resteems posts

= upvotes from our community accounts (@aakom and @accelerator) for articles curated

= you may win delegated SP as curated content posts are voted upon within the chatroom

= advice and updates on other sources of income within the Steem blockchain

= exchanging ideas and interests with fellow members

How to join the AAKOM community

Firstly, membership is not automatic; it is subject to consensus from within the existing community.

However, if you have been invited by @aakom, the process can be speeded up by merely replying to my invitation.

1 = Create a new post requesting to join AAKOM.

Please include a short introduction, including why you would like to join AAKOM, and links to a few recent best posts.

The post title must clearly show that this is a membership request. For example, "Request to join AAKOM from @mysteemitname".

The post must include the tag #newmapsters. You may, of course, use other tags as well. This tag is being used for both MAP and AAKOM requests.

2 = Your own followers, and other existing community members, can comment and vote on your new post. If you are accepted, you will receive a message from @aakom with an invitation code to the Discord chatroom. You will then also be followed by @aakom and the other benefits, listed above, will swing into action!

3 = That's it!

Please note, this is a new method for members to signup, so may be subject to rule tweaks to speed up the process.

AAKOM posting guidelines

AAKOM is dedicated to esoteric and exoteric sciences, both formal research on states of consciousness and personal experiences of extraordinary states of mind. Few people post exclusively in these areas; so long as you have an interest in these topics, and publish occasional pieces (that could be fiction or poetry or any other expressive medium) then you are most welcome to join.

As AAKOM is currently part of MAP, new members will need to show a certain quality in their posts and engagement through their comments. However, rather than reading lengthy guidelines, I think it is just easier to scan through either the MAP members feed or the current AAKOM feed to gauge the quality expected - it is not primarily about being a professional blogger, just that posts should be engaging and well-written. Also, you must post primarily in English; bilingual posts or English translations of your original posts are fine.

One thing I have to realise over the past few weeks is the necessity to articulate in the best possible ways the need - the urgency - to move away from our culture of greed, scarcity and ignorance to one of knowledge, enlightenment and abundance. Whether it is possible to achieve both clarity and coherence across different experiences is part of our experiment.

AAKOM aims to be non-sectarian so that if your purpose is to proselytise or promote your favourite divinity or cult leader, then I'm sure you will find other accommodating groups.

I look forward to welcoming new members to AAKOM and to the broader MAP community.


Please comment, upvote and resteem. Thanks!

AAKOM is a new project dedicated to furthering knowledge on the esoteric and exoteric sciences

You may request to join AAKOM by going to this post

All new info to participate will be published by @aakom


What is AAKOM an acronym for?

Good question! It isn't an acronym; it's a real word. It is a Thai word and means magic, spell or incantation.

If im already in map, am I automatically in this subgroup? I write about astrology sometimes so gd to know if I'm in this specific part of the group

Hi, yes, you are already part of the group, but I have now also added you to the Aakom "follows"; this means I can sometimes compile dedicated curated posts. Look forward to new articles :-)

Nice one. I have gone through the posts and the distinctiveness of the community. I have also scan through some posts and am convinced that its worth being here. I just hope I would be granted the privilege of acceptance of my membership.

Well, I want to join aakom, Ofcourse I will create a post to request to join.