Blockchain Technology and the Akashic Records

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Back in the early 1990s when I was starting out in financial technology and the world wide web was still in its infancy, I began to think about the overarching motivation for creating the internet and how it functioned interdimensionally. The foundation of the internet (ARPANET) was created by the US Department of Defense in 1969. The original tools of the world wide web (HTTP and HTML)were created by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in 1990. As most are aware today, the US Department of Defense is mainly an enforcement arm of the global banking cartel. CERN is a bit more mysterious but at one level conducts subatomic experiments that have the potential to affect the space / time continuum of Earth and beyond. Neither of these organizations are known for their humanitarian efforts or benevolence and this has provided shape to some of my speculations

My initial thought in the early 90s was that the internet was created for the purpose of crudely replicating the Akashic Records for those of us who had not raised their consciousness sufficiently to access the Akashic Records directly. Since that initial musing I have evolved my thinking especially in light of the current centralized vs. distributed battles that are ongoing. Obviously there was a clear practical motivation for creating the internet which streamlined the flow of information between organizations and individuals. However, as more and more light is shed on DARPA and CERN, I am inclined to think that certain organizations and individuals are using the internet to suppress human consciousness.

This is mere speculation on my part. I have no actual evidence to back up my conclusions. I am merely extrapolating from the large body of evidence that certain people in power now and in the past have put in place systems to herd humanity into certain holding pens where they can be sheared of their assets and freedom. Examples of these systems are the MSM, government schools, fluoridation in the water, the current US legal system, historical narratives that are false, etc. All of these examples impinge upon our consciousness in some way and make it more difficult to navigate beyond this plane of existence. The internet is a vast ecosystem of images, ideas, functions, videos, etc. Like a video game our consciousness is easily trapped as we “surf the Web”.

To free the consciousness is a primary goal of most spiritual seekers. Consciousness is the basis upon which we as an existing being either evolve or devolve. Our improvement or degeneration is marked by the state or level of our consciousness. If we are identified with the narratives, videos, images, etc. that are presented to us on the internet, MSM, video games, etc. then our consciousness becomes trapped at that level.

The Akashic Records is a living memory encoded within all of Nature (the internet no matter how complex it gets can never equal this marvelous aspect of the Astral Light) but the medium where this memory is stored is on a subtler dimension than the 3 dimensional world where we normally exist. We get glimpses (unconsciously) of this when we dream and access it directly through Astral Projection / Lucid Dreaming. In order to “awaken” our consciousness in the astral, it is first necessary to awaken our consciousness here and now in this 3 dimensional world.

I leave you with an exercise Samael Aun Weor taught for awakening the consciousness which is the SOL exercise or Subject Object Location:

Mitakuye Oyasin - ochbiak

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Nice post my friend. Dropped you a follow <3 Looking forward to your future posts!

Wonderful correlation of the physical and spiritual! Beautifully written, can't wait for more post like this. Thank you ochbiak

Hey, I dig what you're getting at. I have some stuff like that buried in my blog. When you find the first one, the others are linked.

Go ahead and get more spiritual with the stuff! I grab stock Hindu mythology photos and edit them up to emphasize what is the real potential of blockchain tech!

Great title! I love this!