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Some things are better left unsaid and kept to one's self. Better sometimes to see and observe sonething which no one else really seems to be able to see, and keep it to yourself, than cause arguments.

Sometimes the things you see, no one is really that interested in seeing or understanding, even if you think you're helping them by trying to say, explain or show them to them.

Sometimes you've been helped a lot personally by being able to see something differently, but to another person, they are seeing how they are right now and not wanting to see the way you are. Better to silently observe and let people be. Better for you and better for them.

Each will see and understand what each will at the time each must. All is well and each journey is unique, yet they all lead the same way in the big picture and there is nothing to worry about.


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Love,light and blessings! 💚 🌟 💫
@lovehaswon 💚


thanks for your inspiration.go ahead

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