Some Things Are Best Kept To Yourself

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I stopped explaining myself when I realised other people only understand from their level of perception.

Some things are best kept to yourself. If some aren't perceiving it and are instead being upset by it, best to keep it to yourself.

Better to have peace of mind and peace with others than to keep trying to explain something that's not being understood.

Maybe it doesn't need to be understood.

Maybe you just need to understand yourself, accept that we're all at different places and be at peace with that. 😊


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Love, light and blessings! 💚 🌟
@lovehaswon 💚


Thank you, bro! 🙂

Yes, I agree, we are all in different places most of the time. Sometimes we find people who can relate to us and our experiences at the same level. I often find that I can share things up to a certain point and then I just enjoy their company and try to get to know them better at the level they are at. Peace is good. Thanks for the inspiring message!

Spot on. I feel the same way. Nice to see you on Steemit again. 🙂 I remember you commented on my post few months ago. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your views on it. My multidimensional being honours the multidimensional YOU! ☺💚

Great content. Only love, no hate!

Thank you! 🙂💚

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