Coqui Frog Hopped It's Way Into My Room and Frog Spirit Animal SymbolismsteemCreated with Sketch.

This little coqui frog decided to hop in from the bottom of the broken porch net sliding screen. Hopped it's way across the house straight into my room as I was typing up an email.

How funny, my immediate reaction was to find cups and to catch it so I could put it back outside:

But that being said, with all my awakening and ascension happenings, I wanted to look up online to see what the frog spirit animal symbolism was all about it since it hopped it's way to me. Nothing in life to me is coincidence.

And the frog spirit animal means that it comes in times to support during "transitions" and "change".

And indeed right now, I'm still transitioning with regards to my life purpose and career ... moving away from web design and into more visual and creative arts.

Don't know how or where the "money" will come .. but I'm surrendering and trusting the Universe will take care of me as I just focus on creating and making these artwork pieces. It won't be easy as I know ... but many signs around me are pointing me to go in this direction.

Do you have a animal spirit?

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