I was going to announce "Closing in on 200,000 NEOXAG DELI" but...

in spinvest •  2 months ago 

SPIN-Neo Official Logo.png

We jumped right by it and we are nearing

250,000 NEOXAG DELI!!!💪

Screen Shot:

250k NEOXAG.png

I personally added quite a few AG tokens but we also had a new ORCA Level DELI of 50k jumped right in! I will withhold the name for now, maybe the new Orca does not wish to be ID'ed just yet 🐋 and we have not had any meetings on governance or anything like rewards to this point. I need suggestions and until we get some consensus on a first payout date and cut off points, my contention is that everyone is IN for the first payout.


Payout cutoffs and dates. This is getting too big to not get this done ASAP so as to avoid conflicts... 😳😲😱

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Transparency is important - there should be a list of named delegators so that other people can see who is involved and make decisions about whether they wish to be as well. I'm not sure why delegating an Orca sized amount qualifies anyone for different conditions or privileges?
Could you clarify the curation policy for @spinvest-neo please?

No differences at all, it's just that so far everyone has chosen their own path. Plus, we have all had the ability to go to the wallet page for this account and look for ourselves 😉 Where you see the 246,929.86 DELI you just click that eyeball and the whole list pops up...
I have not discussed anyone else except @raymondspeaks and he was already active in the discord channels and also in the Neoxian City discord.

Ah right, I understand 😎

PS: There is no official curation policy, that is open for discussion but with all the animus for voting bots these days we want to stay away from that type of thing. Right Now, all I am doing is voting comments on these posts and following Neoxian's official trails. Lack of a voting method keyed into the tags is a big hurdle right now...

👍 Yes, neoxian looks more complicated than leo.

This #newsteem Downvoting Paladins are only worried with steem bots, not token bots. Even steem bots related to tokens, like leo.voter, are not being persecuted, as far as I know.
Following Neoxian's official trails makes you curate people that has nothing to do with @spinvest-neo (delegators) or @spinvest (SPI holders).
I don't think that the amount of curation would be much lower if you, instead of curating Neoxian's trails, created a trail with the names of all the delegators and all SPI holders and started curating them.
The percentage of the upvote would be proportional to the delegations and/or the SPI held. That would make these people happier. :=)

Yes I believe this is a fair way to spread curation among the delegators!

The primary function of this account is to earn SPI for the delegators. Curation earns NEOXAG which buys SPI and is disbursed to the DELI folks. Curation for DELI is a bonus, and I'd like to do that too. I believe it will be possible. The more votes that go out, the better for SPI earnings. But that means smaller curation if the VP is worked hard. But higher SPI payouts...
In fact, we are using tokens (neoxag) that most of us were not actively using as much as we could have in the first place. I saw a lot of potential in the token, but as for posting, I was not doing much. The passive approach is good, and curation on top of that is Great!

Sounds very good, glad to be onboard !!!😀

Great to have you, Old Dood! 🤣🤩


There will be no "instead*" but we can add. If I am seeing the curation correctly, then there is plenty left over. But I need a sure-fire way of tracking the Neoxian City trails... I guess a GINA account on discord is one way. The very fact that we are curating with Neoxian City has gotten us lots of DELI and cooperation of the City as well. Don't want to mess that up! 🤩 It's baked into the cake, so to speak...


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