Late Night Thoughts: Are We Officially In A Bull Run?

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It's time for a little intellectual mining!

So Is This Officially A Bull Run?

They're no charts, fortuneteller, or analyst alive that can acutely predict this, because everything in crypto is controlled by the whales. And these aren't you normal institutional whales, well maybe some are, but a good amount are the average tech geek that bought thousands of Bitcoin for dollars.

I've convinced myself that our green and red days are determined by some guy named Joe, chilling in his boxers eating cereal in his condo in Miami. Joe happens to have the nuclear launch codes for the crypto market, and can trigger a bull trap with a few clicks of his key board. With a stupid grin on his face, he has decided the bear market has lasted long enough and proceeded to Hamilton Park Towers: what has happened over the last few weeks.

Who knows what triggered his benevolent action! Was it the weather, CNMBC, or maybe Suppoman running out of ideas for his videos! All I know is that what ever it was, I'm sure it was a petty reason and we could easily go the opposite direction if his burns his tongue on his coffee tomorrow morning.

Anyone of us could be Joe, so make sure you be nice to everyone you meet! You can start now by uprooting my post and leaving a comment about how many times you checked your Blockfollio today! Until next time, this has been a message from your friendly neighborhood #spiderblogger!


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Atleast everybodies heads turned into bull run again. The vibe seems positive so peole heads seem like: buy buy buy

Indeed..dont know what triggered it


Kinda wish I had a few more weeks to accumulate but this run up has been hella fun!