This Week's Gift for You Steemfam! April 22, 2018

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A New Sunrise is on the Horizon

Well, Stemfam I hope you have had a better week! Last weeks card asked us to look at areas or relationships in our life that has been challenging you, frustrating you, or downright pissing you off and see if you can find a lesson. A hidden gem that has gone unnoticed by you up until now. Turn this pain into a positive by looking where you could be responsible for your part in it. By taking responsibility and cleaning it we actually grow and uplevel our life. Growth is rarely free from pain and discomfort, it is, in fact, part of the process of spiritual growth. Like the pain from a splinter, it serves to show us where we can and probably need to grow.
I know for me, I can get caught up blaming others for their bad behavior towards and obsess how they mistreated me. It causes me precious life force, my mind would think of ways for revenge or the perfect comeback, and even had loss of sleep at night. I have my court date this week for the ticket that had me get arrested. I can't tell how much brain power I have wasted holding a mock trial in my head! However, after using this card as a guide I looked for where I could be responsible for my part. I found it too! I also began looking at all the other ways I was not being fully responsible around my vehicles. I checked all the documents in the cars, I brought my truck in for repairs I was putting off, I cleaned out all the clutter and even went to the motor vehicle department to register a trailer I was putting off. My anger has magically left and I feel good again when I get into my car. I'm ready for my court date and I'm ok with whatever the outcome happens. Now, I was so happy when I pulled this week's card! Let's see if you can tell why?

This Weeks Card Pull For You Is Dolomite:



Deep Emotional Healing

This is a positive card, showing that you’re ready to process and move on from painful experiences and trauma. This means that you’re open to receiving healing energy and insights into your experiences.
You're guided to devote time for your personal healing work. This may involve appointments with the therapist or Healer, or spending extra time in prayer or meditation or on self-care practices.
Detoxification (from chemicals and processed foods and also negative influences) comes up very strongly for you right now.
About Azurite: This beautiful royal blue stone is an oxidized form of copper. Azurite is helpful for facilitating spiritual visions and clairvoyance, as well as deep emotional healing.

Card Pulled from Crystal ANGELS oracle cards by Doreen Virtue
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Please​ share​ with me what you think and what these cards are providing for you in your life! Be extra loving to yourself​ this week. Like the card says, take plenty some time out for self-care, prayer, ​and meditation​! Have fun with it and be gentle to yourself. Thank you for making this the very best place to post! As always, leaving you with blessings and LOVE Steemfam!

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This Week's Gift for You Steemfam... waiting :)

This post vame at the right time when I needed it...... Thanks so much

Amazing Sunrise Photography . Really Sweet natural Gift for Me

Me encanta, soy profundamente naturalista y la meditación es uno de los dones aprendidos mas claros que he logrado.

Thank you...

Time living has kept me away from writing...I was not able to participate in the meditation challenge we connected over...however, I am tickled to have found you and your positive message!

Thank you for the perspective shift this has brought.



I am glad to have tickled you lol! I will be doing another competition soon and I hope you will be able to participate!

you have to know how to understand our environment and accept it for good, everything happens for something, good post


Thank-you I agree completely. It is up to us to find the reason too!

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Nice post. I really like it. Keep it up man

tenorbalonzo thanks to (resteem)

All of us are going through what you have just expressed. I am sure that you already know there is a reason for that what is happening that is beyond rules and regulations that you need to follow. By chance, or not, as there is no chance in the universe, I wrote the article yesterday on the same topic regarding blaming others for their bad behaviour towards us.

I will just tell you that I know you already know, observe what is happening and try to figure it out why that is happening. When you are on your spiritual path, obstacles will be there to help you rise. Be blissful.


Wow that picture is just amazing. How did you do that? Which filter or technique? Greets nima

Hey @ground2feet,

You've been coming to mind a few times over past two weeks or so... just did again, stopped so time wouldn't run off again without me coming to check in.

Are you ok?

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I woke up this morning with a song that I made up...I'm not a musician but sometimes I wake up with a tune and words as if I had just composed a song in my sleep...I love music, I guess is why. I cannot even remember the tune now but the words were about my heart.."In my heart....In my heart...I have so much peace in my heart......"So then your card for the week has to do with the heart...Amazing!...So I have been trying to give certain people I've been dealing with the benefit of the doubt and think I have found some peace with it....It's getting there...peace in my heart with it all...You is the past experiences that hold me back from feeling the right way sometimes...I have to think about the here and now, and take it one day at a time.