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Some time back a stumbled on to a new Cryptonote coin on the day of it's launch. I wrote an article here: documenting my first impressions. Today I take another look at #SpesCoin and the journey so far.

#SpesCoin is a friendly and easy going community we are currently having fun with our World Cup prediction game on discord where members can win #Spes for correctly predicting teams that would win their matches! So far I am doing really well!

Since launch there has been a lot of remarkable achievements since which includes:

The Promised Objective

Many projects I've seen have marketed the "charity factor" to get people to by in. I must say I, initially assumed this was the case with SpesCoin when I saw the announcement, but I am glad to say that this has not been the case. The SpesCoin project is actively involved with working with charities and has serveral programs on their discord channel to motivate the community in that direction. One of the big driving factors for starting the SpesCoin project was to help out Charities:

SpesCoin endeavours to help non-governmental charities reach their goals, mainly focused on disaster charities and children’s charities

How has #SpesCoin measured up to this primary goal? At the time of writing, SpesCoin is actively supporting several Charities, a list of which can be found on their site: Charities We Support

To learn more about SpesCoin, what we do, and how to support your favourite charities through SpesCoin, visit us on discord

Join Us
Information on #SpesCoin, our activities and involvement with charities on our various social media platforms:

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spescoin project is one unique crypto project that is in fact rare to see- and i wish this project more success than what it imagines.

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