Bitcrystals 10,000th Traded Card Celebration Giveaway has launched!

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A chance to win some BTC, BCY and one of the iconic Coin dragons (The Bitcrystals, Bitcoin and Litecoin dragos are up for grabs !!!) in Spells Of Genesis !

For those who just want to join the giveaway right away without reading the rest of this article, here's my referral link. Go win one of these Beautiful dragons:


The initiative of doing giveaways to try and lure in more players is an interesting one, and I'm curious how many giveaway participants already play / are going to test out SoG because of the giveaways.

I've recommended to the devs that they include a question as an additional entry in future giveaways asking people if they've played SoG before, or if the giveaway has made them download the game, so hopefully such a question will appear in a future giveaway

I've also seen activity in the Bitcrystals Telegram channel (where you can earn some BCY every week if you answer their weekly quiz correctly) suggesting more winners with lower amounts, as right now the 1st prize gets 400$ worth of BCY and 50$ worth of BTC, as well as a BCY Dragon card, so there might be more "multiple winner" friendly giveaways in the future too :)

In any case, Spells of Genesis giveaways are awesome, so I'm crossing my fingers !!

The prizes

1. BCYDRAGON + 4,000 BCY (~400$) + 50$ worth of BTC

Also known as The Crystal Dragon, it sleeps deep in the mountains of Askian, guarding the greates hoard of BitCrystals the land has ever known !!

It has some very good stats, with 19 health and 8 attack, as well as a Freeze All spell, which can be very interesting in levels where hordes of enemies with low cool-downs and high attack must either be eliminated quickly or, in this case, slowed down at just the right moment !

The 4,000 BCY is enough to get your hands on nearly every card in the game, some of them several times over (Though the two rarest cards, SATOSHICARD and GENOFLIGHT are more problematic... Sathoshi was last sold for 50,000 BCY, (Yikes !) and Genesis of Light for 4,500 BCY, although genesis of light has sold for much less before, so maybe you can negotiate with a holder and get ahold of one for about 2,000 BCY ;) )

2. BTCDRAGON + 2,500 BCY (~250$) + 30$ worth of BTC

Also known as Sitakar the Gold Dragon, or to his friends Bitkor (ah, the puns...), is favored by miners from all over Askian, who come to him with their gold to trade. with 26 health, 6 attack and a flame spell for 11 damage it is quite powerful too, capable of defending it's hoard of gold !

The higher health compensates for it's lack of speed, and I can imagine some very interesting uses for such a powerful Flame card, especially since it's base attack is not weak at all !

2,500 BCY remains a respectable amount, and given we're in what I like to call The Crypto-Depression it's sure to be worth more when people stop being so negative about crypto and go back to realizing it's not just a type of digital currency but that blockchain systems really do have a lot of interesting use-cases, one of them being in gaming !

On a side-note, one thing I'd love to see in SoG and similar games using blockchain tokens associated to art would be a non-revocable limited license accorded to the owner of a token, allowing the owner to use the artwork available on our tokens in non-commercial, artistic/fan-art uses without fear of legal repercussions !
After all, given that scandal with the Rick and Morty pop-up bar being told to literally stop everything and destroy all the fan-made props for the bar or face legal repercussion, it's about time we evolve copyright to include a Fan-art clause of some kind, or make it easier for people to ask for non-commercial or commercial licenses for lesser fees than the stupidly huge amounts most companies demand nowadays.

3. LTCDRAGON + 1,500 BCY (~400$) + 20$ worth of BTC

Also known as Litca the Silver Dragon This beast, while not as well known as it's brothers, has a love for all things Silver and Lite (get it ? ;) ) and also packs a nice punch, with 22 Health and 11 Damage.
It's high attack is at a cost however, as it does not possess a special ability like it's brethren.

Hope you enjoyed my little description of the different dragons !

I tried to infuse a bit of personality into them before discussing their attributes, so I hope I succeed in that :)

So... What are you waiting for ?

Give me a few more entries by joining using my Referral link, and cross your fingers that you end up with this nice hoard of crystals and gold, as well as your very own Dragon to guard it !

All images above belong to EverDreamSoft SA and their respective creators.
Love your work !


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Awww... That dragon is going to become a part of our culture I think.

I remember helping look after someone's kids when I was in Australia, and they'd watch the first half of the first movie, get bored/distracted and turn it of, then come back and rewatch the first part... I think I saw them repeat one half of that movie about 5 times while I was there !

Their dad said they'd never finished the entire movie XD XD XD