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in speculation •  4 months ago

Bitcoin Price Evaluation

A Standoff Between Libertarian Bears & Conservative Bandwagons

Right now the bear market has been murdering everyone, that aside we can take a step back to rhe 3rd person and appreciate the large scale growth seen in the cryptographic currency economic system, as well as the effect in real world economies adoption decentralized ledgers of their own.

If any other crypto currency kept it's current native volume and was evaluated at $10,000 CAD per coin then it would be significantly more dominant than Bitcoin.

The real question is how much the regulations will effect the privacy eccentric altcoins like Monero, Digibyte or Zcash after enforcement can prove with a field study that anonymous currency is 100% non applicable to current financial regulations.

How can a government, whom is arguably there to protect national interest, suggest that a decentralized public ledger is subjective to different regulations than an encrypted decentralized ledger?

If the regulators move against decentralized private ledgers, it will be impossible to stop and can cause reverse effects on the market.

All of this is very relative to the SEC councils relation with cryptocurrency being traded on the stock markets.


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