Steemit goes to the future/soundtrack composed by @titin

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Hi Steemians!
I'm very proud to show you finally the whole slideshow/video, including my music (almost 8 minutes), composed exclusively for steemit and specially for witness @cervantes.
This is my gift for today Jan. 6. the Three Kings Day!
I hope you like it and please, enjoy the music...
(Pictures by Pixabay & @cervantes)

Hola Steemians!
Estoy muy orgulloso de enseñaros finalmente todo el vídeo de diapositivas, incluyendo mi música (casi 8 minutos), compuesta exclusivamente para steemit y especialmente para witness @cervantes.
Este es mi regalo para hoy 6 de enero, el día de lo Reyes Magos!
Espero que os guste y por favor, disfrutad de la música...


Sounds really good!

Thank you!

This is awesome, some great work has been accomplished her, I can’t wait to see how all of these initiatives come together to better Steemit!

Heheh i agree with u !

a very nice achievement, I like the end that says "because only with work, dreams come true" and "steemit goes to the future", strong messages that show that the future is in the blockchain.

Great combination of video, which give all the original materials

Thank you!

Wowwwww tremendo, espectacular. Es un honor para esta plataforma contar con un CREADOR como tú.

Lo he hecho con todo el cariño. Gracias Rafa!

Nice video music wonderful and quiet
I wish you success

Soulful music, one that let goes off the feeling of being tired. Indeed a one of its kind composition that lifted the spirits. @titin A Big Thank You for composing such a magnificent piece.

Very soulful music

This incredibly awesome,...i love the quality sound of the grand piano.

Thank you @seanmalex for your comment! Right, I've been working a lot only on the sound of the piano, and on the different phrasing of the melody to express the pictures' essence.

This is awesome

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